Lawenilothehl is an outlaw settlement in the eastern half of the Wilderness. It is home to many dangerous types, most of whom are hostile.

Main FeaturesEdit

Symbol Name Notes
@ Yergius The master thief (always in his room)
@ Barnabas Shopkeeper who rips you off
@ Grunge Hotzenplotz's bodyguard
@ Hotzenplotz Crime lord (always in his room)
@ Munge Hotzenplotz's bodyguard
@ Kranf Niest The mad doctor (always in his room)
r Skriek Cloaked ratling who sells you keys
t Drunken dwarf Dwarf who lets you find the Infinite Dungeon map fragment

Just east of the entrance to Lawenilothehl is Barnabas' Black Market, which buys and sells a lot of assorted goods, which can be very useful near the beginning of the game, but his prices are outrageous regardless of the PC's race or class. Members of the Thieves' Guild will receive considerable discounts. The buying price increase/selling price reduction seems to be twice the usual for the head of the thieves' guild, and four times the usual or other customers.


To the north of the Black Market is the home of Yergius the master thief, leader of the Thieves Guild. Yergius will train neutral and chaotic PCs the Pick pockets skill for free. Killing Yergius will make the PC the head of the Thieves' Guild, which will greatly reduce the prices at Barnabas' store.

Hotzenplotz the Crime Lord and his two half-orc bouncers Grunge and Munge live near the center of Lawenilothehl.

Skriek the cloaked ratling has a variety of keys for sale, for the right price. Note that all his prices are halved for females.

In the north-west corner of the town lives Kranf Niest, the mad doctor.

Lawenilothehl also features many beggars, outlaws, outlaw leaders, bandits, muggers, cutpurses and assassins.


Hotzenplotz will ask you to Kill Tywat Pare, the sheriff of Terinyo, in return for an amulet of chaos.

Hotzenplotz also offers another quest, if you have taken the "Save Yriggs" quest from Rynt in Terinyo and Jharod is still alive. Then he will ask you to Kill Jharod the healer, who can be found in the Village Dungeon. If you do this, he will arrange for Kranf Niest to teach you the Healing skill.

Once the PC has the Pick pockets skill, Yergius will provide the Thieves' Guild Membership Quest, where you must prove your valor as a thief. Once completed, the PC will be a member of the guild, and can receive either theoretical (improves skill dice) or practical (trains skill directly) training in Climbing, Detect traps, Disarm traps, Listening, Pick locks, and Stealth.

Answering the Drunken dwarf's riddle allows the PC to find a map fragment on the appropriate level of the infinite dungeon. Part of the Rolf quest.


Lawenilothehl is an anagram for "Hole in the wall", an Americanism for a shady place.

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