Know Alignment
School Clerical
Type Utility
Range Touch
Base cost 10
Equivalent item N/A

Know Alignment is a clerical utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to learn alignment of target monster or NPC. Know Alignment can be targeted on any being in the PC's immediate vicinity.

Know Alignment is one of least useful spells available in ADOM. It is somewhat important for novice players who do not use any reference material as it helps to avoid mistakes related to sacrifices or unexpected chaotic acts. However, as the player acquires experience with the game, the efficiency of this spell drops significantly.


Know Alignment doesn't depend on any attribute due to its fixed effect. Spell proficiency likewise doesn't improve anything except base cost (standard for all spells).


Paladins acquire the ability to automatically tell the alignment of target being by using the 'l'ook command. This ability is more efficient than Know Alignment spell, as it requires neither an extra turn nor power points for casting.