The third quest assigned by Kherab. He asks the PC to kill the seraphim of order located in the Heavenly Area. The reward is quite powerful, although the same can be said of the heavenly opponents.


PC must have completed Kill Thrundarr, PC must be at least level 30.

Description and walkthrough[]

The PC must travel to the Heavenly Area and kill the seraphim of order. In practice, this also means killing many other lesser angels. All angels have formidable melee damage, DV, and PV. Alternatively, the PC can kill a wished-for seraphim of order.

It is not necessary to activate the quest prior to killing the seraph, although the PC must still advance to level 30 in order to collect the reward.


The reward for this quest is the Chain mail of raw steel. It offers stellar defenses, as well as paralysis resistance and regeneration. Like the other raw steel artifacts, it sadly contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption.