Kill the Ice Queen is a quest given by the chaos diplomat.


There are no requirements for taking the quest, except for the requirements for entering the Ice Queen Domain in the first place (PC must be at least level 15).

Description and walkthrough[]

The chaos diplomat asks the PC to kill the ice queen, who is found on the last level of the Ice Queen Domain, when chatted with. Note that this quest will become mutually exclusive with the ice queen's quest to kill the diplomat; even if the player decides to have both of them killed, they can only be rewarded for one of the quests.

The ice queen is a somewhat difficult opponent to defeat, particularly before the mid-game. She has a strong paralyzing attack, regenerates HP very quickly, and can summon groups of ice statues and snow golems to surround the PC. She may also (try to) confuse the PC, which will often allow her to recover for a few turns whilst the PC is disorientated. Note that the throne room is full of invisible stalkers that will fight against anyone who threatens the ice queen; the PC may rid of all of these before the battle with the ice queen without actually making her hostile (though directly attacking any non-hostile stalker that the PC can see can still decrease his/her alignment).

As for tactics for dealing with the ice queen, poisoning her may effectively counteract her regenerative capabilities. Since fire magic won't work in her domain, and she is immune to cold, PCs that are proficient in magic may need to rely on Lightning Ball or Acid Ball (if (s)he can cast them) to wear down her health. Of course Lightning Bolt, Acid Bolt and Magic Missile can also be used on her, though she may often shrug off bolts.


The chaos diplomat will reward the PC by 'granting' them one or two corruptions, as well as a pile of items:

Of these, "Terror" is easily the most desirable, with very impressive typical damage stats of 4d8+15 (with an extra bonus of 2d6 if the PC is fighting berserk). The fireproof blanket is also handy before the Tower of Eternal Flames if the PC could not get one from Thrundarr (or elsewhere).