Kill Yergius is a quest assigned by Tywat Pare.

Requirements[edit source]

The PC must be level 6-9, and have less than 12000 experience.

Description and walkthrough[edit source]

When the PC receives this quest, Yergius will retreat to the newly-revealed Thief Guild below Lawenilothehl. The PC must enter the guild and kill Yergius. The guild has quite a few traps, and Yergius himself has a penetrating melee attack. Taking the quest will make Yergius's skill training permanently inaccessible, even if the PC has completed the Thieves' Guild Membership Quest.

Reward[edit source]

7000 GP. Killing Yergius will make the PC the head of the thieves' guild, which greatly increases shop prices. Coupled with the loss of Yergius' skill training, this makes completing the quest not very rewarding overall.

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