Kill Riurry is a quest given by Yrruir, the greater white unicorn. The quest is to 'simply' find and kill her evil counterpart Riurry the greater black unicorn, and return to her. The reward for completing the quest is a once-off complete removal of all corruptions the PC has acquired.

Note that if Riurry is generated non-hostile and talked to, he will offer a quest to Kill Yrruir.


The greater white unicorn's glade won't appear until the PC talks to Guth'Alak after reaching level 30. Additionally, the PC should preferably be Neutral or Lawful — as she may be generated hostile towards very Chaotic PCs, and thus won't give the quest.

Description and walkthrough[]

The corrupted glade where Riurry the greater black unicorn lives will appear once the PC has taken the quest. Riurry will usually be generated non-hostile; if he is, the PC might want to make him hostile by hitting him with a missile that is not targeted directly at him to avoid committing a chaotic act. The greater black unicorn is considerably stronger than regular black unicorns, but shouldn't be too hard for most PCs that are at least at level 30 to defeat.


When the PC talks to Yrruir after completing the quest, she will offer a once-off removal of all the corruptions that the PC currently has; but won't give this reward straight away. Instead, she will wait until the PC talks to her again and agrees to let her remove their corruptions.

Most PCs will either want to accept this reward before descending into the Caverns of Chaos for the final time to close the Chaos Gate (if they have become severely corrupted and are at risk of being corrupted to death in D:50), or before going home after closing the gate to ensure a corruption-free (thus happy) ending.