Kill Kranach is a quest given by Tywat Pare in Terinyo.


This quest is only available until experience level six (or 5K experience, whichever comes first), at which point Kranach and his gang will flee the area in fear.

Description and walkthrough[]

It is recommended not to take the quest at character level one as meeting Kranach's gang one step away from Terinyo might be fatal. After receiving the quest from Tywat, you must leave Terinyo (it is recommended you stock up on food), and wander the wilderness until you randomly come across Kranach and his gang of roving raiders (things like fate smiles might slow this drastically). As this is a random encounter, it may take some considerable time—and there is every possibility you will reach the experience limit before you find him.

Once the raider quest has been activated, there is a 25% chance to encounter Kranach whenever a wilderness encounter happens. [1]

Once you encounter Kranach, you must dispatch him. After you have killed Kranach, you may wish to flee the scene if you feel like you may be overpowered by his gang. Note that if your companion kills Kranach, you will fail the quest. Make sure that you strike the killing blow.


When you talk to Tywat after killing Kranach, he will give you 3000 gp as a reward. If you managed to grab Kranach's corpse (guaranteed to be generated as of v1.2.0), you may 'g'ive it to Tywat for an extra 300 gp. If you do this, then whenever you enter Munxips' shop, you will receive the message, "A mummified head hangs over the doorway".

Note that this quest may draw alignment toward neutrality; for any neutral characters with greater than 0 alignment, it will count as a chaotic act, removing the possibility of becoming a Paragon of Order. Lawful characters finishing the quest will receive a lawful boost instead.