Kill Keethrax is a quest assigned by Guth'Alak in Terinyo to slay an evil member of his order by the name of Keethrax. This quest is mutually exclusive with the Save Yriggs and Kill Jharod quest group, meaning that players are generally advised not to take this quest while playing characters without the Healing skill and born under a starsign different from Candle.


The player must not have already selected the Save Yriggs quest.

Description and walkthrough[]

The Druid Dungeon is a dungeon east of Terinyo that consists of seven random levels. The bottom level is inhabited by Keethrax, and is also only populated by animals, notably cats and giant slugs. The former may pose a challenge for players who are refraining from killing cats and rely on area spells for combat, while the latter can be quite challenging for PCs without acid resistance, and may drop a rare corpse to grant acid immunity. Keethrax himself is a spellcaster capable of magically creating darkness (using torches or an amulet of light is recommended), healing himself, shooting glowing balls (a source of fire resistance is highly recommended), cursing and stat drains. He can also shoot lead sling bullets and is immune to webs and all elemental attacks except acid. If the PC wishes to avoid stat drains, missile attacks are recommended. When killed, Keethrax will drop the artifact black torc and his corpse.