This quest is assigned by Hotzenplotz to kill the healer, Jharod who lives in the nearby Village Dungeon. This quest is mutually exclusive with the Kill Keethrax quest, and is chaotic in nature. Chaotics cannot receive the Healing skill from Jharod.


The PC must have taken the quest to Save Yrrigs, unless (s)he is a Chaos Knight.

Description and walkthrough[]

The healer Jharod is located on the 4th floor of the Village Dungeon, and is relatively easy to kill for most PCs with a decent attack strength. Note that killing Jharod will deny the PC access to his healing abilities, and the PC will not be able to cure Yriggs if Jharod has not already done so (though it is still possible to complete the Save Yriggs quest by killing the carpenter).


  • Upon returning to Hotzenplotz, the PC will be directed to the mad doctor on the east side of Lawenilothehl to receive a reward. The mad doctor will remove the PC's headgear (even if it is cursed) and use a strange contraption on him/her, that will teach the Healing skill at a base value of 60 (compared to sub 20 gained via Jharod), but also reduces Learning, Appearance and Willpower by 1d3, temporarily confuses and stuns the PC, and inflicts around 0.25 corruptions.