Kill Hotzenplotz is a quest assigned by the sheriff of Terinyo, Tywat Pare.


Tywat Pare will not assign the quest until level 10; however, if the player kills Hotzenplotz before the quest is assigned, the sheriff will still give the player the reward(s).

Description and walkthrough[]

To complete this quest, simply walk to Lawenilothetl and kill Hotzenplotz, the crime lord. Hotzenplotz is a dangerous opponent with a powerful melee attack that can poison. He can be killed by strong players in melee, but missiles or magic are generally preferable. If the player is quick, Hotzenplotz can be lured to the river on the east side of the map and bombarded with missiles from the other side. Hotzenplotz is also protected by two half-orc bouncers, who will almost invariably attack if the crime lord is threatened. Other inhabitants of the town may also attack, notably Skriek. Players wishing to take advantage of his services may wish to lure him out of town before attacking Hotzenplotz.