This quest is assigned by Kherab in Darkforge, who asks the player to kill the druid Guth'Alak in Terinyo.


No requirements

Description and walkthrough[]

Simply travel to Terinyo and kill the druid Guth'Alak, who resides in the central part of the town. If the player attacks Guth'Alak with melee or missiles, the townsfolk will become hostile; however, if he is attacked with spells, mindcraft, or if the player uses the ventriloquism skill on him first, then the townsfolk will be indifferent to his murder. Guth'Alak is a fairly weak opponent for the point in the game the PC is likely to be assigned this quest; rather, the reason why few players opt to accept this quest is that it denies them access to the Potions of Cure Corruption that Guth'Alak can provide, as well as (unless the player is over level 30) the Unicorn Quest.


The reward for completing this quest is the Shield of Raw Steel. If it weren't for its corrupting nature, it would be undisputedly the best shield in the game, offering unparalleled DV and PV, a huge boost in toughness, as well as fire and cold immunity--making it ideal for the Tower of Eternal Flames. Unfortunately, the shield causes corruption while it is worn (or even carried in the backpack), which, combined with the loss of an NPC who provides a significant amount of corruption removal, makes completing this quest somewhat undesirable for most players.