Kick-robbing is a scummy technique in ADOM used to steal from shops without any of the usual side-effects of stealing.

As of version 1.2.0 prerelease 1, it is no longer possible.[1]


Basically, kick-robbing exploits two things:

  1. The fact that it is possible to destroy the walls of shops
  2. The fact that so long as you are outside the shops' area, you can safely kick items out of the shop without the shopkeeper knowing or caring.

This enables people to earn as much money as they want, simply by taking items and then selling them back to the shopkeeper. This makes it a method with great scumming potential, as shops will also periodically restock with more items, especially if you empty them through kick-robbing repeatedly - without paying a single honest dime.

Note that you cannot kick-rob a potion shop as potions are destroyed when they are kicked. The same is true for all other glass items, such as amulets of light, wands of door creation, crystals of darkness, emeralds, turquoises, and of course worthless pieces of glass.


First, the player must somehow destroy the walls of a shop. For this example case, we're going to use the black market in Lawenilothehl.

KR1 Out test character, MrMook, has successfully destroyed the walls of the shop with a wand of destruction. There are other ways to destroy them; it is even possible to (occasionally) mine out the walls with a pick axe.
KR2 Here, he has placed the items he wishes to steal in the correct position. In this case, we're trying to steal 8 rocks and a potion of water. For successful kick-robbing, only this square (with the items on) needs to have been destroyed.
KR3 Having 'k'icked the items out of the shop (note his position, he is outside the shop while the items are inside the shop; ADOM counts the wall-space as being part of the shop), he is free to simply walk up and take them. Except for one problem: when he attempted to kick the potion, it was destroyed.
KR4 He can now take the rocks which, once they were outside the shop were automatically considered to be paid for, and sell them back to the shop. And rinse and repeat with any items he likes, until either the shop runs out of money or he has all he needs.