Karmic creatures are a special kind of monster with the ability to reduce the Luck of a character attacking them in melee. Nonetheless, their corpses are beneficial to eat.

Karmic backfire[]

Whenever the PC attacks a karmic being in melee, the PC has a chance to suffer karmic backfire. If this happens, the player is alerted with the message "You feel as if this was not a good idea!", and the first applicable item from the following list takes effect immediately:

  • PC loses the "fate smiles" intrinsic
  • PC loses the "lucky" intrinsic
  • PC gains the "cursed" intrinsic
  • PC gains the "doomed" intrinsic

Corpse effects[]

Eating the corpse of a karmic creature has a beneficial effect on the PC's intrinsics, somewhat akin to karmic backfire in reverse. The first item from the following list that would result in a change of intrinsics will occur:

  • Losing the "doomed" intrinsic
  • Losing the "cursed" intrinsic
  • Receiving the "lucky" intrinsic
  • Receiving the "fate smiles" intrinsic

List of karmic creatures[]

Note all but the last two of them have "karmic" in their names, and also a unique ability to change color on each turn, making recognition easy (although a PC might still attack them accidentally if their current color resembles another monster's).

The monster memory identifies monsters with this ability with the following line:
They are karmic beings.