Kills per Level (abbreviated KPL) is a concept in ADOM related to monster generation. It can be used to predict the level of generated monsters. In newer versions of ADOM, the influence of KPL has been greatly reduced.


KPL is theorized to work the following way: if a specific monster has KPL of X (positive integer value), then RNG will generate this monster at level 1 until PC has killed X monsters of this type. As soon as this number of kills is reached all subsequent monsters will be generated at level 2. As soon as X * 2 number of kills is reached monster starting level will increase to 3. This linear progression will persist throughout the game. Monsters generated in high DL areas may be generated at a higher level than KPL would indicate.


KPL defines how fast monsters become more powerful as PC kills more of their kind. Lower KPL values mean faster increase, while higher KPL values allow less cautious monster handling. Note that different monsters progress their basic stats (DV, PV, hit points and damage output) with different rates as they level up, so KPL should not be considered a universal measure to predict enemy difficulty.

In practice, PC progresses much faster than monsters and has access to equipment which makes KPL consideration more or less redundant. There are several exceptions which are mainly attributed to KPL design flaws. These exceptions include:

Aforementioned monsters all possess relatively low KPL values and can breed/be summoned which leads to so-called uberjackal effect when they start to possess significant danger to PC.

Note that this was toned down in 1.2.0 [1]. KPL is now determined by the formula KPL = rarity*10 (minimum 20), with rarity being a number ranging from 0 to 150. For the previously problematic monsters, the KPLs are now between 100 and 1000 (with the exception of battle bunnies at 20). As a result, KPL does not have much relevance for later versions of the game.

Even in later versions, some monsters that are generated in great numbers can still become noticeably more powerful due to this effect if the player kills enough of them. If you make a habit of hacking your way through the Animated Forest, you might find it becomes more difficult with time, not less, with the Animated trees suddenly hitting dangerously hard. Something similar can happen when farming fungoids for mushrooms by the pool on the last level of the Fungal Caves.


There are several exceptional situations that cause different monster generation scenarios. These include:

Monsters by 1.1.1 KPL[]

KPL Monsters
5 Air demon, air elemental, air grue, ancient black dragon, ancient blue dragon, ancient karmic dragon, ancient karmic wyrm, ancient minotaur, ancient red dragon, ancient white dragon, animated armor, animated tree, ankheg, assassin, beggar, big casino guard, black baby dragon, black dragon, blue baby dragon, blue dragon, brown bear, bulette, chaos warlord, chaos wizard, cobra, cooshoo, cute dog, demented ratling, dwarf, dwarven child, dwarven elite guardian, earth elemental, fire demon, fire elemental, giant ant queen, giant ant warrior, giant ant worker, giant bee queen, giant bee warrior, giant bee worker, giant raccoon, gnoll chieftain, gray slayer, great black wyrm, great blue wyrm, great karmic wyrm, great red wyrm, great white wyrm, greater air elemental, greater daemon, greater fire elemental, greater mimic, greater titan, greater water elemental, hobgoblin leader, hobgoblin chief, holy slayer, invisible stalker, jackal demon, karmic baby dragon, karmic dragon, ki-rin, king cobra, large dog, lesser daemon, magebane eye, magedoom eye, master assassin, master mimic, master thief, mimic hivemind, minotaur king, minotaur lord, minotaur mage, mugger, ogre magus, orc butcher, pit viper, pixie, pixie archer, quickling, quickling king, quickling lord, quickling queen, rattlesnake, red baby dragon, red dragon, revenant, shadow wyrm, titan, viper, water demon, water elemental, water grue, water snake, werewolf king, white dragon, will o'wisp
12 Annihilator, annis hag, barbarian, barbarian leader, berserker king, berserker emperor, big dog, blink dog, carrion crawler, cave bear, cave fisher, chaos brother, chaos mutant, chaos plague bearer, chaos sister, chaos viper, cutpurse, cyclops, dark elven archer, dark elven lord, dark elven princess, dark elven warrior, dark elven wizard, dire wolf, doppelganger lord, ettin, fire drake, flesh golem, floating eye, fomorian giant, gargoyle, gelatinous cube, ghost bat, giant frog, giant slug, giant spider, gibbering mouther, green hag, griffon, hill orc, hill orc sergeant, homunculus, hyena, imp, jackal, jackalwere, karmic lizard, kobold shaman, large gnoll, large jackal, large rust monster, large snake, large spider, leucrotta, mimic, minotaur, orc chieftain, outlaw, outlaw leader, quasit, rabid dog, ratling fencer, ratling warlord, rust monster, silver wolf, skeletal warrior, staring eye, stone golem, stone grue, stone snake, tarantula, troll chief, troll king, vampire, vapor rat, werewolf, werewolf lord, white baby dragon, wight, yellow ooze
25 Bandit, berserker, berserker lord, bugbear, cave lizard, caveman, dark orc, displacer beast, doppelganger, fire giant, frost giant, ghost, giant centipede, giant lizard, gnoll, hell hound, hill giant, hippogriff, hobgoblin, kobold chieftain, large orc, ogre, ogre lord, orc scorcher, owlbear, raider, ratling archer, ratling warrior, stone giant, swordsman, troll, troll berserker, wererat, wolf
50 Chaos rat, fire beetle, giant rat, goblin slavemaster, lizard man, orc, rat
100 Goblin, goblin rockthrower