Jelly is a monster type in ADOM. Creatures of this type possess little-to-no intelligence and represent amorphous blobs of matter. Almost all jellies have both offensive and defensive special abilities, and several of them can breed.

All jellies are represented with a 'j' symbol.

Dealing with jellies[]

Jellies do not normally pose a significant danger to the PC, however the lack of resources necessary to deal with them or failure to take precautions can lead to fatal situations.

Early game[]

Ochre jellies and gray oozes corrode non-artifact weapons (unless they are made of stone/crystal/eternium; mithril and adamantium are somewhat resistant but still vulnerable) and breed which can lead to a situation where the PC cannot overcome their rate of replication. Quickly addressing the situation and using missiles is advised. Sometimes it is better to sacrifice the quality of your weapons than flee, allowing level infestation. Note that these creatures have relatively high damage for low-DL monsters.

Players should also take care while dealing with gelatinous cubes due to their nasty paralytic skin. These creatures may also destroy items on the ground which can range from a minor nuisance to a serious annoyance (especially when dealing with vaults).

It is possible to encounter minor jelly vaults. These normally contain gray oozes and gelatinous cubes in abundance and can be somewhat challenging to clear.

Finally, players are advised to pay attention to messages (You suddenly sense taint in your vicinity! and You sense a soul in agony.) which are generated when a monster triggers a corruption trap. Frequent generation of these messages signify the danger of monsters receiving enough corruption to transform into writhing masses of primal chaos. Encounters with these monsters without good protection and combat capabilities or a way to flee can easily spell quick death for the PC.

Mid-to-late game[]

By the mid and late game jellies lose most of their danger as the PC is usually better equipped, however, caution is still necessary. Stone oozes possess the most threat with paralytic skin and attacks that ignore armor. This combination is deadly for those players who decide to employ melee attacks while having low DV values (which can easily be the case if the PC uses Berserk).

Writhing masses of primal chaos are much easier to manage than in the early game. Dealing with them still requires somewhat decent protection, otherwise the PC will be receiving lots of slowing and corrupting attacks. WMoPCs can be summoned by chaos wizards, so players should prepared to kill a lot of them in Mana Temple and D:50 (where around 30 of them are also generated initially).

List of jellies[]

Jelly Offensive abilities Defensive abilities Notes
Gray ooze, ochre jelly Acidic skin Breeding, immune to acid
Yellow ooze, death ooze Poison Regeneration
Gibbering mouther Confusion Vulnerable to mindcraft
Green slime, green blob Sickness Breeding
Gelatinous cube Paralytic skin Dissolves items on the floor, can leave corpses, vulnerable to mindcraft
Stone ooze Ignore PV Paralytic skin Breeding
Writhing mass of primal chaos Slowing, corrupting Corruption can transform other monsters (as well as the PC) into these


Jelly slaying weapons (Vanquisher and Soaker) or ammunition are extremely effective against all jellies.