For a general description of invisibility status, see Invisibility.
Invisibility/Veil of the Gods
School Arcane
Type Utility
Range Touch
Base cost 10
Equivalent item potion of invisibility

Invisibility bestows invisible status on the target being (either the PC or an adjacent monster) when cast. Subsequent casts while the spell is active will extend its duration.

Controlled invisibility is a very powerful ability. The spell has advantages over other approaches: potions of invisibility can be scarce, and items which confer invisibility have an ongoing satiation cost. Intrinsic invisibility may be obtained from a pool or invisible stalker corpse, but that can have some downsides: invisible PCs need to make themselves visible in order to fight in the Arena, and being invisible throughout the entire game could make it more difficult to train the Shields weapon skill or lead companions around.

Monsters can be made invisible to boost experience gains as double experience points are awarded for killing such monsters, provided that the PC doesn't have the see invisible ability. More powerful monsters may resist the spell, though.

The spell can also be used to turn a companion invisible, though this is only advisable if the PC has the see invisible ability.


Duration of each cast is based on the caster's level (L) and spell proficiency (P), per the following formula:

{L + P + 3}d6