For a general description of invisibility status, see Invisibility.
Invisibility/Veil of the Gods
School Arcane
Type Utility
Range Touch
Base cost 10
Equivalent item potion of invisibility

Invisibility is a utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to bestow invisible status on target being.

Easily controlled invisibility is a very powerful ability, especially acquired early on. The spell is superior to practically all other sources of invisibility — potions of invisibility are very limited and items granting invisibility significantly increase food consumption. While intrinsic invisibility from pools or invisible stalker corpses is better as it simply doesn't require recasting, it may have negative consequences in the early-to-mid game for Thrundarr's Quests, as invisible characters cannot fight in the Arena, which is necessary for the fourth quest, given by Thrundarr.

Invisibility may also be cast on any monster in the immediate vicinity of the PC. The main and only purpose of such actions is to boost experience gains, as invisible monsters give twice the amount of experience points when killed. Note that since version 1.2.0 the PC may not have see invisible ability as it will negate the bonus.

Note also that more powerful monsters have a chance to resist the incantation.


Invisibility duration is based on the caster's level (L) and proficiency (P) with the spell. The exact formula looks the following way:

{L + P + 3}d6

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