This page is a list of all the different types of musical instruments in ADOM.

With the exception of whistles, instruments are used to calm and tame animals using the Music skill. Whistles are said to call pets towards the PC instead; though reportedly, this usually does not happen.

All instruments have a danger level of one. All Bards start with two or more instruments.

B/U/C status of an instrument determines the range of calming/taming effect (4/3/2 respectively).

Name Weight Notes
Mandoline 23s
Lute 20s
Harp 30s
Tamborine 5s
Fiddle 15s
Flute 3s Doesn't work in the Water Dragon Cave
Glockenspiel 120s Reputed to be the best instrument for taming pets.
Whistle 1s Does not tame animals, apparently calls pets to the PC instead; does not work in Water Dragon Cave.