Ice bridges are essentially frozen water which can be walked over. The Ice Queen Domain has some non-PC-created ice bridges. They can be essential for crossing rivers or in the Tomb of the High Kings.


You need to combine some kind of frost magic and a water square. Frost Bolt and wand of cold will freeze one adjacent square. Ice Ball will freeze any affected squares that are within two squares of the PC.

Monsters with ice attacks can freeze all the water squares their attack passes through. Creatures like ogre magi, ice vortexs, ice lizards, or various white dragons can help in creating ice bridges for non-casters.

Strength of the bridge[]

Ice bridges hold the PC if they are carrying less than 2000 stones (3000 for bridges in the Ice Queen Domain).

Ice bridges are susceptible to fire magic. A bridge melting has the same effect as stepping into water (drowning, piranhas, etc applies). It is also possible to destroy ice bridges by using a pickaxe while standing on them, which gives the message: "You smash the ice! The drop into the water is very short...". Although the character ends up on a water square, no drowning damage is applied on that turn.