Humans are a playable race.

Manual Info[]

Humans are the most generic of all races. They tend to be adaptable, suited for every profession and generally well equipped. They are also very fast learners. While humans do not have any other special advantages, they don't suffer from any disadvantages either.

Gameplay Effects[]


Humans train in Food preservation and Swimming. They get two additional skill increases on level-up.


Humans have good all-around starting attributes, and usually have good enough Learning scores to start with Literacy.

Starting Equipment[]

Humans have fairly average starting equipment. They always start with torches and the requisite gear to light them. Human barbarians are noteworthy for starting with an amulet of luck and a two-handed sword.


While they don't have the long lives of some other races, Humans are generally safe from lesser undead, such as ghost bats and ghosts. Care should be taken around more powerful undead, as a single aging attack could advance the character to near-death or even death, if you're unlucky. Humans start out at 16-36 (12 + 4d6) years old and have a lifespan of 50-120 (40 + 10d8) years.

Power Point and Hit Point Regeneration Rate[]

Humans are rather average in their hit point and power point regeneration rates, regenerating one of each every 49 turns.

Relations with Other Races[]

Humans tend to be tolerated by other races and to tolerate other races. This means that Human adventurers will often get good deals from merchants, though they do suffer a slight penalty from dwarves. Human shopkeepers penalize dark elves but suffer few other prejudices.


Humans start off neutral, though class and star sign can affect this.

Eating habits

Food such as rats, fat worm, and roaches make them vomit, but aside from doppelgangers there is nothing that they refuse to eat.

Suggested Classes[]

Humans are decent at every class. Though their attributes lack the brute power of trolls or the magical affinity of elves, they suffer none of the disadvantages, like the manual points out. With their rapid leveling, humans can take advantage of class powers earlier than some other races. Starting equipment is frequently good, though they do lack anything as amazing as elven chain mail.