In-game description "Your feet have been transformed into hooves."
Message when acquired "Your feet suddenly transform into hooves!"
Message when removed "Your feet are reversed to their normal shape."
Attribute changes -6 Dexterity
Other effects +8 damage from kicks

Hooves is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It increases the damage dealt by 'k'icking attacks, but also comes with a major loss of Dexterity.


The bonus kick damage is quite useful in the early-game, especially if the character has taken the Strong Legs talent. Kicks can be used with two shields, and enjoy better critical hit multipliers than normal melee attacks. However, later-on the static energy cost of 1000, lack of a blessed weapon damage multiplier, and the existence of powerful artifact weapons, make using kicks less attractive.

Chaos Knights crowned with Moloch's Thorns might consider using kicks for the entire game, in which case the tradeoff for the corruption is excellent. Otherwise, the corruption is likely to be purely negative in the long run.

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