The High Mountain Village is a town located deep within the mountains in the south-east corner of the Drakalor Chain. It can only be found by traveling through the Unremarkable Dungeon.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
@ Malicious Doctor Will sell chaotics a flesh golem
@ Leggot Shopkeeper who is less crafty than Waldenbrook
@ Hawkslayer Burly adventurer who may join you as a companion
@ Gaab'Baay Old crone who assigns quests critical for an ultra ending
@ Oracle Never moves, reveals Ordinary Chaos God ending, and has a tasty corpse
t Farmer Commonly generated but not guaranteed in a random location
O Ogre Guardian Guards the jail, never moves
r Ratling Guardian Guards the village, never moves
? Scrolls One cursed scroll of corruption removal and a "strange message"
! Potion Potion of ultra healing
@ Grizzled dwarven veteran Knows a thing or two about a legendary dwarf

The town has several features, including a guaranteed shop and a 'jail'. Also guaranteed are:


The Oracle

See main article: The Oracle.

The Oracle can be found on a small island in the center of the village. She will give advice on how to become a chaos god to any player with the Sceptre of Chaos, Medal of Chaos and Crown of Chaos.


See main article: Leggot.

Leggot owns a miscellaneous items shop in the HMV. He tends to be either a gnome, dwarf, human, or (occasionally) troll.


See main article: Gaab'Baay.

Gaab'Baay the Old Crone is a colorful character found in a hidden room on the eastern side of the HMV. She will reward the player with the Medal of Chaos if you do five quests for her. See this page for details of the quests and strategies for doing them.


See main article: Hawkslayer.

Hawkslayer is a Burly Adventurer that will become your companion if certain conditions are met, namely being a certain level/alignment, and knowing the code-word "Iceberg".

Malicious Doctor

See main article: Malicious Doctor.

The Malicious Doctor will sell any Chaotic or Neutral players a flesh golem slave in return for 25,000gp. If a Lawful player talks to him, he will simply "eye you with suspicion" and tell you that his office is closed.

Grizzled dwarven veteran v.2.3.0+

See main article: Grizzled dwarven veteran.

If the PC has talked to Thrundarr about Rolf, the dwarven veteran will tell him/her the location of the Eerie Glade where Rolf's cousin is buried. Otherwise he will tell the PC to learn more about the dwarves' history.

Flavor elements

A variety of sometimes hostile, sometimes peaceful monsters can be found wandering the outskirts of the town. They are usually not too worrying for a player that has come this far, although, occasionally, dangerous high-level monsters can be generated.

Guarding the entrance to the HMV are the only two ratling guardians to naturally occur in the game. They are of no specific importance.

There is an ogre guardian looking after a small jail filled with different monsters. This is the only ogre guardian in the game. Even though he's meant to be guarding the jail, he will have no reaction to the PC breaking it open.

One or two ratling traders may be present. If they are friendly towards the player, they will trade in the same manner as the Arena traders. Traders with a neutral stance towards the player will refuse to trade, but spellcasters may be able to improve their mood via Calm Monster.

Stone giants, or even stone giant lords, are sometimes present. These are often non-hostile, though a stone giant lord that is hostile will be considerably out-of-depth for a PC that started out by descending the Unremarkable Dungeon, and in such case would require a lot of caution.


Gaab'Baay has a total of five quests (essential for ultra endings or Chaos Gods) available to the player provided they have satisfied the demented ratling and are of chaotic alignment. Learning about the eerie glade from the dwarven veteran may also be required to progress in the Rolf quest... unless the PC has found another way of opening a very difficult lock.