High elves are a playable race.

Manual Info[]

High Elves are a beautiful race of extremely long-lived creatures. High Elves are of slender build, nearly six feet 10 inches tall and generally have golden or auburn hair and amber or purple eyes. Their ears are very pointed and their skin is very fair. They live in the forests where they like to hunt, frolic, engage in musical and romantic affairs and generally have a good time. They tend to shun the other races, partially because of their arrogance and partially because they have had conflicts with most other races in their long history. High Elves are excellent fighters (and also great shots with their deadly long bows!) and mages. Their magical powers are especially noteworthy. On the negative side, they are not very well-liked and somewhat frail.

Gameplay Effects[]


High elves train in the following skills: Dodge, Literacy, and Stealth.


High elves have great Dx and Ap; good Pe, Le, and Ma; and tend to suffer somewhat in St, To, Wi, and Ch.

Starting Equipment[]

Like all other elves, high elves are very well equipped, often wearing elven chain mail, with a bow and arrows equipped.


Like all elves, high elves have very long lifespans, the third longest after mist elves and gray elves. High elves start the game at 160 to 250 (150 + 10d10) and die at 1510 to 1900 (1500 + 10d40), making them effectively immune to aging attacks.

Power Point and Hit Point Regeneration Rate[]

High elves have above average PP regeneration, but are slightly penalized in HP regeneration. This penalty can be alleviated by eating troll corpses or drinking potions of troll blood.

Relations with Other Races[]

High elves have better relations with the other races than the manual would lead you to believe, but they are penalized when dealing with shopkeepers of chaotic races, namely dark elven, trollish and orcish shopkeepers. They get reasonable deals from Waldenbrook.


High elves start lawful, though class can affect this.

Eating habits

High and grey elves have rather average tastes. Food such as rats, fat worm and cooked roaches make them vomit; but aside from doppelgangers, there is nothing that they refuse to eat.

Suggested Classes[]

High elves are quite versatile, though their low Toughness is not well-suited to a "tank"-type melee fighter. Given their amazing Dexterity, Archer, Thief, and Assassin are natural fits. They also make good spellcasters, especially with semi-caster classes such as Healer or Paladin. As they always start with the Literacy skill, this is one way to play a Barbarian who can read. High elves may require a little bit more finesse than other stronger, tougher races when playing a melee class. Use your Dexterity to soften up your enemies with missiles, then use hit and run tactics, as your slightly superior Speed should allow. If you have Backstabbing, remember to avoid using a light source—it will nullify your Stealth ability.