Magical herbs in ADOM have varied uses, from healing to training attributes.

Herb effects Edit

The following table is adapted from Andy Williams' Guidebook.

Name How to use Cursed effect Uncursed effect Blessed effect Tile
Alraunia antidote Eat Smaller effect than uncursed Usually cures poison Cures heavier poison Item183
Burb root Eat ~16-30 acid damage ~8-19 acid damage ~2-11 acid damage Item178
Curaria mancox Eat Usually cures sickness Cures sickness Cures sickness Item179
Demon daisy Eat Severely poisons Poisons Mildly poisons Item184
Devil's rose Eat Severe sickness Sickness Mild sickness Item181
Morgia root Eat Trains Wi & To Trains Wi & To Trains Wi & To Item194
Moss of mareilon Use Abuses Dx Exercises Dx Greatly exercises Dx Item193
Pepper petal Eat Heals ~4-12 Heals ~7-20 Heals ~9-36 Item182
Spenseweed Use Heals ~1-6 Heals ~6-17 Heals ~30-38 Item192
Stomacemptia Eat Always sets satiation to "Starving!" Reduces satiation state by two (e.g. Satiated -> Hungry) Reduces satiation state by one (e.g. Satiated -> Normal) Item180
Stomafillia Eat 500 nutrition 2000 nutrition 6000 nutrition Item177

Note that a couple of herbs must be used rather than eaten in order to derive their benefits.

Stats that are trainable by herbs (willpower, toughness, dexterity) can each be increased to a maximum of 25 this way, provided that the PC has sufficient potential in these stats. Herbs do not increase stat potentials.

Lifecycle Edit

Herb bushes follow the rules of Conway's Game of Life. Basically, what this means is that you want a 2x2 square of herb bushes. As long as only one herb bush withers and dies, the missing herb bush will recover and grow again. Other, more advanced strategies are possible, which are described quite in depth in the Guidebook.

Alternatively you can use web based simulator, which allows the simulation of herbs and obstacles through multiple generations.

Herb type Edit

The type of herb found on a particular square is based on which row of the dungeon it is growing on; this pattern repeats itself down the screen and by identifying one herb bush it's simple to predict what herbs will grow on other bushes (and how to plant bushes, or redirect their growth, in order to grow desirable herbs.)

Morgia root
Moss of mareilon
Curaria mancox/devil's rose
Alraunia antidote/demon daisy
Pepper petal/burb root

Information taken from Andy Williams' ADOM Guidebook.

Herbalism Edit

Without the Herbalism skill, any herbs the PC picks will be cursed, and picking herbs will always reduce the status of an herb bush. The higher the Herbalism skill is, the greater the chance picked herbs will be blessed or uncursed, and the lesser the chance for picking to herbs to reduce the status of an herb bush. Keep in mind that you'll still not receive any warning before a bush withers and dies. If the PC is standing near a withered bush and it becomes strong, you'll get the message "One herb bush suddenly looks more vigorous." If the PC is standing near a strong bush and it becomes blossoming, you'll get the message "On one herb bush suddenly some blossoms open."

Gardening Edit

Gardening allows the PC to plant herb seeds. Herb seeds are very rare, though they can occasionally be found for sale in Munxip's store in Terinyo. As of version 1.2.0, [a]pplying the gardening skill to a blossoming herb bush will produce 1d2 herb seeds if a gardening check is passed (and otherwise destroys the bush), allowing for seeds to be generated quite easily with high values in this skill. Additionally, [U]sing a potion of holy water will accomplish the same thing with a success rate of approximately 33%, though these herbs cannot grow even with neighbors if the level does not have non-water-created bushes present. Gardening and herb seeds are required to make a level support herb growth, if no herb bushes were originally growing on that level or the original herb bushes are gone, but only the first herb must be planted in this manner. Holy water can be used for additional herb bushes.

On non-herb-supportive levels holy water can be used to advance bush status [withered/strong/blossoming]. Since bushes do not go through cycles on such levels, holy water can be safely turned into the herbs needed. This trick was used in the original eternium man game to create enough stomafilia for more efficient copy-pasting of commands.

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