Heir is a talent that adds a particular item to the PC's starting inventory if selected. The type of item depends on the class of the PC; for some classes, it may also depend on the PC's race.

Heir can only be picked as a starting talent and has two prerequisite talents (Boon to the Family and Charming). Therefore the PC can only receive the talent if (s)he starts with three or more talents. Gnomish or hurthling Bards, farmers and merchants will always get at least three talents, as will gnomes or hurthlings of the Falcon or Candle star sign. Since gnomes have high starting Mana, a lot of gnomes should be eligible for the talent anyway (if their Mana starts at 18 or more). Other race-class combinations can potentially start out with three talents as well, depending on star sign, Mana, and a bit of luck.

The heir gift will always be blessed.

Heir gifts[]

Class Race Gift Typical stats
Fighter Any Eternium girdle [+0, +4]
Paladin Any Lawful mithril long sword (+0, 1d8+3)
Ranger Any Masterwork mithril battle axe of the eagle (+3, 1d6+5)
Thief Any Adamantium dagger of penetration (+0, 1d4+5)
Assassin Any Poisonous adamantium dagger (+0, 1d4+5)
Wizard Any Wand of fire (30 charges) N/A
Priest Mist elf Swift eternium mace of the sun (+0, 2d6+8)
Other Swift heavy mace of the sun

(+3, 2d5+3)
[-2, +0]

Bard Any Seven league boots [+1, +0]
Monk Any Padded clean robe of defense [+8, +3]
Healer Any Elven chain mail of health [+0, +5]
Weaponsmith Any Wicked mithril warhammer (+0, 2d6+3)
Archer Human, High elf, Gray elf, Mist elf 40 winged mithril arrows of hunting (+0, 1d6+3)
Dark elf 40 winged dark elven quarrels of hunting (+3, 1d4+3)
Dwarf, GnomeOrc, Ratling 40 winged mithril quarrels of hunting (+1, 2d6+3)
Drakeling 40 winged mithril drakish scurgari of hunting (+5, 1d8+5)
Hurthling 60 winged rocks of hunting (+0, 1d4)
Troll 40 winged rocks of hunting (+0, 1d4)
Merchant Troll Beautiful thick furs of carrying (-1, -1)
[+0, +5]
Dwarf Beautiful chain mail of carrying (-1, -3)
[-3, +8]
Other Beautiful leather armor of carrying [+0, +5]
Farmer Troll Vigilant light furs of resilience [+3, +4]
Other Vigilant clothes of resilience [+3, +3]
Mindcrafter Any Empowered robe of protection [+0, +5]
Barbarian Any Brutal mithril two-handed sword (+6, 4d5+6)
[-1, +0]
Druid Any Yellow leather armor of life [+0, +5]
Necromancer Mist elf Frozen quarterstaff of devastation (+0, 5d10+6)
Other Chaotic skull staff of slaughtering (+0, 2d12+1)
Elementalist Any Ring of minor elemental mastery [+2, +2]
Beastfighter Any Vigilant thick furs of protection (-1, -1)
[+0, +6]
Chaos Knight Any Chaotic mithril battle axe of slaughtering (+0, 2d8+5)
Duelist Any Masterwork <weapon> of defense N/A
Mist elf Mithril long sword

(+3, 1d8+3)

Mithril sabre (+3, 1d6+5)
Mithril rapier (+3, 1d6+4)
[+1, +1]
Gray elf, High elf Long sword (+3, 1d8)
Sabre (+4, 1d6+2)
Rapier (+4, 1d6+1)
[+1, +1]
Dark elf Sabre (+4, 1d6+2)
Rapier (+4, 1d6+1)
[+1, +1]
Whip (-1, 1d3)
Human Broadsword (+3, 1d7+1)
Gnome Hand axe (+3, 1d6)
Dwarf, Orc Battle axe (+3, 1d6+2)
Drakeling Scimitar (+3, 1d8)
Troll Trollish war club (+4, 1d8+2)
[-1, +0]
Hurthling Short sword (+3, 1d6)
Ratling Rapier (+4, 1d6+1)
[+1, +1]
Sabre (+4, 1d6+2)