In-game description "Your corrupted tissue seems to heal much faster."
Message when acquired "Suddenly an unnatural vigor seems to spread through your body!"
Message when removed "The unnatural vigor brimming through your veins suddenly is gone."
Attribute changes None.
Other effects 20% chance to recover 1 HP each turn.
Occasionally scars the PC (-1 Dexterity and/or -1 Appearance).
Scars are not removed when the corruption is.

Healing tissue is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It increases the PC's healing rate, but also inflicts scars over time which reduce Dexterity and Appearance. These scars do not disappear when the corruption is removed.


This corruption is hard to evaluate. It gives around a 20% chance to recover 1 HP each turn. This is independent of natural regeneration and Healing, and is unaffected by increases to natural regeneration amount (e.g. the Healthy Talent and the Healer class powers). Another effect it has is to inflict scars, each of which reduces Dexterity and/or Appearance by 1. It is unknown what determines when scars appear — might be total amount of HP healed by corruption.

Scars can technically be removed by eating gelee royal, but this does not undo the attribute reductions. Still, some experienced players keep it for rather long periods in the mid-to-late game. The Dexterity loss can be undone with moss of mareilon.

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