This is a page about playable character class. For other uses, see Healer.

Healers are generally a melee-oriented class, with an excellent potential for semi-casting. They have a very good skillset that includes Find weakness to greatly compensate for their mediocre strength scores; Concentration and Literacy to allow them to learn spells; and Alertness and Herbalism for general flexibility. Of course, they tend to advance their Healing and First aid scores more quickly than other classes as well.

No matter what mode of combat they choose, Healers have the advantage of possessing a much greater survivability over the other classes due to their typically high Toughness scores and class powers. Although the manual says they do not make great fighters, their high proficiency in the Find weakness skill actually makes them generally better fighters than classes that lack it (as long as they have a good melee weapon, anyway). They are surprisingly good at learning spells for greater flexibility in combat, although they do lack the casting powers (and book finding abilities) of Wizards, Priests or Necromancers.

Whilst Healers can be very formidable around the mid game, their biggest weakness is early game survival, as most healers start off with terrible weapons and barely any armor. Humans, Gnomes and Hurthlings might find themselves better off fighting with their torches than their scalpels (unless true berserking), whereas Trolls are fine on the weapons front as they are guaranteed a heavy club. Their healing abilities make any damage sustained during a fight essentially inconsequential, as long as they don't get surrounded; the trouble is winning the fight in the first place. For this reason, Healers should definitely consider taking off what little armor they get and boosting their paltry damage using true berserk tactics.

Almost any race can make a good Healer. Orcs, Drakelings and Dwarves in particular generally make excellent fighters. Elves and Gnomes can make great fighters and great casters; Gnomes in particular are a good choice as they have a good chance of receiving the Heir gift for early game survival. As for Trolls, they are not just good healers but trollish healers are perhaps one of the most formidable race-class combinations in the game. They have excellent survival prospects in the early game and can become true powerhouses in the late game, capable of both inflicting and surviving massive amounts of damage. Since Healers advance most of their skills quickly and one of their best class powers comes at level 12, Trolls' slow experience gain isn't a huge issue either.

Basic Information[]

Base/Typical Stats[]

The base stats for adult male Healers are tabulated below; female characters will have approximately -1 Strength and +1 Dex, and young characters have slightly less Strength, Learning and Willpower. These stats were generated using the method described on the Talk:Archer page, except with star sign factored in. Variations of +/- 5 to each stat will usually exist, or even more if the question system is skipped.

Healers receive a huge boost to Toughness and also tend to have high Willpower, whilst typically having quite mediocre Strength scores compared to many other classes. Their other stats are not tilted heavily either way.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 12 16 15 13 17 12 11 12 12
Troll 22 7 12 10 31 7 5 7 8
High Elf 12 17 14 19 14 12 15 16 17
Gray Elf 12 17 15 18 12 10 20 18 17
Dark Elf 11 13 18 19 15 8 13 19 16
Dwarf 14 14 17 12 22 11 10 12 13
Gnome 11 14 14 16 19 14 11 17 13
Hurthling 7 13 15 19 20 14 11 10 12
Orc 17 10 15 13 22 10 8 7 10
Drakeling 16 13 18 12 22 10 9 12 11
Mist Elf 10 20 15 17 12 10 24 23 19
Ratling 12 13 15 16 22 8 6 12 16

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Alertness 15 3d3 No
Concentration 27 (depends on Willpower ) 4d5 No
Cooking 25 3d5 No
Find weakness 15 4d5 No
First aid 48 (depends on Learning) 4d4 N/A
Healing 65 3d5 Yes
Herbalism 60 3d5 Yes
Literacy 75 1d5 Yes

Crowning Gifts[]

The robes of resistance and Preserver are both desirable artifacts to be crowned with, while Shezestriakis and the staff of the Wanderer might be considerably more disappointing.

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: High
PP: High
Melee to-hit: Low
Ranged to-hit: Very low

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • Fast recovery: The starting natural regeneration turn interval is halved for Healers. Healers also receive one additional HP whenever they gain health from natural regeneration, the Healing skill, or the month of the Candle.
  • Lawful tendencies: Healers start with their alignment tipped towards lawful. This means that Human, Gray Elven, Gnomish, Drakish, Mist Elven and Ratling Healers start out at LN or L; Trollish, Orcish and Dark Elven Healers start out at NC or N-.
  • Stethoscope expertise: Healers do not spend any turns whilst using a stethoscope.
  • Heir gift: elven chain mail of health (typical stats [+0, +5]). Very handy for early game survival, as most Healers start off with barely any armor otherwise.

Class Powers[]

  • Level 6: Nothing; this extra HP per regeneration is received at level 1.
  • Level 12: Recovers three HP at each turn of natural regeneration instead of two.
  • Level 18: Gains the ability to use the First aid and Healing skills on others. This can be used on enemies to show the ability to exert mercy to Jharod. Note that this cannot be used to damage undead—it simply won't work on them.
  • Level 25: Gains knowledge of the clerical spells Calm Monster, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Disease and Slow Poison. Spell knowledge for each of these increases with each further level up.
  • Level 32: Gains 2d3 additional HP per level up.
  • Level 40: Gains knowledge of the clerical spells Cure Serious Wounds and Neutralize Poison. Spell knowledge for each of these increases with each further level up.
  • Level 50: Gains 8 Toughness points; also, gains near immunity to sickness, poison and bleeding.

Starting Gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling