School Clerical
Type Healing
Range Touch
Base cost 40
Equivalent item potion of healing
potion of extra healing
potion of ultra healing

Heal is the most powerful healing spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to restore hit points to him/herself or an adjacent creature.

The Heal spell is harmful for all undead creatures, dealing the same amount of damage as its healing effect. Powerful undead (such as emperor liches) have a chance to completely resist the damage.


Healing effect and damage to undead is dependent only on the spell proficiency (P) and increases very slowly, especially compared to its base part. The exact formula looks the following way:

10d6 + 10 + 4 * P


Spell messages

  • Casting Heal on the PC will generate either "You feel greatly healed!" or "You feel enormously healed!" message.
  • Casting Heal on a injured/damaged monster will generate "You touch the -target-. Some of its/his/her wounds are healed." message.
  • Casting Heal on an undead monster will generate "You touch the -target- without sensing any effect." message if it resists the damage or "The -target- hisses/wails/screams due to horrible pains!" if it is successfully damaged.

Healing spells comparison[]

The table below shows efficiency statistics for all four healing spells in ADOM. Note that this table doesn't take into account extra factors that lower base cost. These factors increase the efficiency of higher base cost spells.

Spell Formula Average effect
+0 +5 +10 +20 +50
Cure Light Wounds 1d8 + 1 + .66 * P 5.5 HP
1.1 HP/PP
8.5 HP
2.13 HP/PP
12.5 HP
4.17 HP/PP
18.5 HP
9.25 HP/PP
38.5 HP
19.25 HP/PP
Cure Serious Wounds 2d10 + 2 + P 13 HP
1.3 HP/PP
18 HP
23 HP
2.88 HP/PP
33 HP
5.5 HP/PP
63 HP
12.6 HP/PP
Cure Critical Wounds 4d8 + 4 + 2 * P 22 HP
1.47 HP/PP
32 HP
2.29 HP/PP
42 HP
3.23 HP/PP
62 HP
5.63 HP/PP
122 HP
17.43 HP/PP
Heal 10d6 + 10 + 4 * P 45 HP
1.13 HP/PP
65 HP
1.67 HP/PP
85 HP
2.24 HP/PP
125 HP
3.47 HP/PP
245 HP
8.17 HP/PP