Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Granted
Wishable N/A

Haggling with a shopkeeper will affect prices in their shop.

Manual info[]

This skill allows the haggling down of prices for items. Charisma is also important, but a PC good at haggling probably will have few problems to make a bargain. Please note that although you might have bargained successfully at times, the price for individual items won't necessarily go down since ADOM drops all fractions and rounds prices.


Successful haggling can result in an up to 30% discount in shop prices. Male PCs start with an initial discount depending on Charisma; with sufficiently high Charisma, it will not be possible for them to get any further discounts by haggling. The situation is the same with the class power discounts for level 18 and higher Merchants. Discounts from Appearance for female PCs are independent from the skill.

Multiple successful applications may be required to achieve the maximum 30% discount. When the full discount has been achieved, the shopkeeper will complain about needing to feed their children and refuse to lower the price further.

Haggling is not specific to a single transaction; it affects prices for all future transactions in the relevant shop. The PC can haggle even if they have no unpaid items in their inventory.

Haggling can only be attempted 10 times (ever) for each shop. Failed haggling attempts will worsen the shop's prices. Consequently, it is quite risky to haggle with a low skill level. Around 80 Haggling is required to reliably reduce prices to the minimum within the 10 attempt limit.

Advanced uses[]



Granted to all PCs.


Haggling is trained by successful haggling attempts. However, opportunities for training this skill are limited by the relative scarcity of shops, the maximum number of haggling attempts per shop, and the consequences of failed haggling attempts.