Not to be confused with the Dwarven Graveyard.

The Graveyard is a fixed location found in the Caverns of Chaos either on D:17 or D:18. It is home to numerous undead, including liches and vampires.

Main Features[]

The outer area of the Graveyard consists of a long hallway filled with lesser undead such as wights, ghuls, and shadows that should be relatively harmless to the PC at this point. This hallway snakes around the inner sanctum, which can be accessed only from the bottom left corner, or, at any point via teleportation or digging. The inner chamber is home to dozens of graves, upon each of which is an undead monster, which may include some more powerful undead such as greater mummies, skeletal warriors, liches and vampires. Vampires are stat drainers with high to-hit, and should be dealt with cautiously for PCs with low DV; liches are capable of self-healing, casting glowing balls, and confusion. Significant grave robbing is possible for PCs who are prepared for the consequences of such activities. If the Graveyard is on D:18, then the stairs below will be blocked by a dwarven portal.

Dungeon features are rare in the Graveyard. The small room in the lower left corner is occasionally a tension room, and altars have been known to appear in the inner sanctum and the entry room.

Below is a map of the CoC Graveyard. Undead are found in each crevace in the main hallway, as well as on each grave in the inner sanctum. Grave locations are merely representative locations and seem to be essentially random in practice.


Various undead. Note that ghosts and spectres generated in the central room will be attracted by noise and move through walls to attack the PC while (s)he battles lesser undead.