Gold pieces ( $ )
Item Type Gold
Artifact? No
Weight 1s per 100 pieces
Danger Level 1
Material Gold

Gold is the primary currency of ADOM. It can be spent at Shops to buy items, sacrificed to gods, paid to trainers, or can be hoarded for the sake of hoarding, if you are that type of person.

Merchants get special to-hit and damage bonuses when using gold as missiles. They still pay the full 1200 energy cost for using an improvised thrown weapon, however.

Note that if large quantities of gold are carried while a blessed Girdle of greed is equipped and one or more other capacity increasing items/talents/abilities are in use, it is possible to obtain near-infinite carrying capacity. However, this must be done with caution as some monsters can curse equipped items and if the girdle of greed becomes cursed, the pile of equipment will instantly crush the player to death.


It's money - is there anything more desirable? ADOM lets you use money for a multitude of transactions, be it with shopkeepers, a lot of NPCs providing various services, or divine forces - gold being the most practical item of sacrificial value.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

Gold can be obtained in a variety of ways all throughout the game, including in the same ways as regular loot. Certain shops will pay you gold for anything you sell, regardless of how useless, redundant or worthless, making selling junk the second major gold source. Some quests will also grant gold rewards, which are more or less significant depending on your needs.

One way of gaining huge amounts of gold is from the casino machines — particularly the one which requires 24gp to play. Machines generally always pay out a lot more than what is invested in them. Whilst almost unlimited amounts of gold can be obtained from excessive gambling — keeping the Enter key held down at a slot machine for about 10 minutes or so — this is not without its risks since gambling causes corruption.

'Dragon doubling' was a technique that could also be used to get almost unlimited amounts of gold in ADOM versions prior to v. 1.2.0, in which versions it was possible to use the slot machines without being corrupted.

Greater Identify information[]

---------------------------------- 1 gold piece--------------------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d2
points of damage.

----------------------------- 1234567890 gold pieces---------------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d1 points of damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d2 points of damage.

Cursed Gold[]

Gold is the only item in ADOM that never receives a label of being blessed, uncursed, or cursed. However, in ADOM versions prior to 1.2.0[1], gold can be cursed. While it is never naturally generated cursed, gold could in fact be cursed by dipping it in unholy water or by divine punishment.

Test cases (ADOM v. 1.1.1)[]

Case one[]

A test character weilded a single gold piece. He was able to remove it, upon which he re-weilded it and dipped it in a cursed Potion of water. He became unable to remove it, and received this message: "You cannot bring yourself to remove the 1 gold piece!"

He blessed it with a potion of water, and was able to remove it.

Case two[]

A character had a pile of gold, ~10,000 pieces. He attempted to dip it into a potion of unholy water, and received the message "You dip the 19 gold pieces into the potion of unholy water." However, the gold remained in one pile in the inventory and could be equipped and removed without trouble.

Case three[]

A character had 6 gold pieces, and successfully cursed them with a potion of unholy water. He then picked up a large pile of gold, ~100,000 pieces. The entire pile was cursed.

He equipped a single piece to test it was cursed, blessed that piece, and removed it. The entire pile remained cursed. He dropped all bar one piece, blessed that piece, and picked up the entire pile. The entire pile of 100,000gp was uncursed.


While not shown to the player, the cursed status of a pile of gold is remembered by the game. When adding more gold to the inventory, the status of the inventory gold overrides the new pile, whether it is being picked up or removed from being equipped.