The Goblin Camp is an area accessible through a level 1-2 forest wilderness encounter. Once the camp has been entered, it can be freely revisited. It contains various types of goblins, rocks, and other equipment.

Main Features[]


The pile of items guarded by the ogre contains a weapon, gold, and food. The swordsman will sometimes become a companion when chatted with. There is a secret door in the room containing the goblin chieftain and hobgoblin leader, which leads to a weapon, a piece of body armor, two shields, gold, and a potion. The pile of items on the east of the level contains a helmet, weapon, plain blanket, gold, and food. Hundreds of rocks and a few huge rocks are scattered across the level. Site is generated with a message "well-hidden secret campsite"



There are no quests that require visiting the Goblin Camp.