This page contains a list of all the types of girdles in ADOM. Girdles are worn over body armor, which means that a cursed girdle prevents equipping or unequipping body armor.

While equipped, girdles made out of iron cause 1.5 points of damage per turn to mist elf PCs. Wearing any type of body armor prevents this damage. Iron girdles are marked with a gray background in the list below.

Common girdles[]

Name Weight DL Base stats Notes
Leather girdle 5s 1 [+0, +0]
Metal girdle 25s 1 [+0, +1]
Mithril girdle 20s 3 [+0, +2]
Adamantium girdle 18s 6 [+0, +3]
Eternium girdle 12s 16 [+0, +4]
Truesilver girdle 5s ? [+0, +2]
Girdle of weight 40s 2 [+0, +0] Weighs excessive amount when worn
Money belt 5s 8 [+0, +0] Prevents pickpocketing
Girdle of greed 7s 1 [+0, +0] Adds carrying capacity that depends on amount of gold carried
Girdle of carrying 15s 1 [+0, +0] Adds carrying capacity
Girdle of strength 15s 1 [+0, +0] {St+1}
Girdle of giant strength 30s 12 [+0, +0] {St+12}

Artifact girdles[]

Name Weight DL Base stats Extra Notes
Celestrix 25s 9 [+13, +13] Grants doomed intrinsic; increases Charisma by 8; grants resistance to poison, sleep and death rays; grants immunity to shock attacks; grants increased regeneration and see invisible intrinsic;

Potion belt

25s Unknown [+0, +1] Makes carried potions weightless and immune to item destruction
True Strength 20s N/A (+3, +0) [+18, +9] Increases Willpower and speed by 15; grants resistance to confusion, poison and death rays; increases luck, grants Lucky and Fate smiles intrinsics; grants increased regeneration; Rewarded on D:50 to true Paragons of Order

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.