Gender is one of the defining characteristics of playable characters and some monsters. During character creation the player may choose to play a male or female character, or to randomize this option. Overall, gender does not have major gameplay effects.


Gender has some minor effects:

  • Shop prices discount for women depending on Appearance, and for men depending on Charisma (Appearance is easier to boost with certain items)
  • Men receive +1 to initial Strength and women receive +1 to initial Dexterity
  • Berserkers (any up to emperors) can be tamed with a wedding ring if they are of the same gender in 1.1.1, or if they are of the opposite gender in later versions
  • Male characters can wield a wedding ring to protect themselves from the banshee's wail
  • Male characters weigh more than female characters, as a result female trolls are usually light enough to access the Quickling Tree with the proper corruptions, while male trolls are not
  • The frog quest is assigned to female characters only
  • Skriek gives discounts to women (males pay twice as much as females) and Glod gives discounts to men
  • Dak will paralyze stun resistant and confusion resistant males who have escaped from an arena fight
  • In tiles versions characters and monsters have different images for both genders