This page is a list of all gems in ADOM.

Gems weigh 1s.

Gems can be used with slings. The base damage value is 1d1 rather than the 1d4 of a rock, but they are lighter, and crystals of fire will create fireballs at their point of impact.

Value of gems listed are for single gems, relative to each other and not absolute

Name DL Effect
Crystal of power 5 Restores some PP when used
Crystal of light 5 Lights the area around the player when used
Crystal of knowledge 5 Maps all/part of the surrounding area when used; if blessed it may grant +1 or +2 to Learning.
Crystal of fire 5 Creates a ball of fire when used
Crystal of darkness 5 Darkens the area around the player when used
Crystal of health 9 Restores some HP when used
Ruby 5 ~446 gold
Opal 5 ~107 gold
Emerald 5 ~357 gold
Aquamarine 5 ~267 gold
Amber stone 5 ~178 gold
Turquoise 5 ~312 gold
Topaz 5 ~133 gold
Sapphire 5 ~402 gold
Worthless piece of ____ glass 5 ~7 gold