Material required? Herb seeds
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

Used to plant, or gather, herb seeds.

Manual info[]

This skill enables the character to plant herbs and harvest them later. This might come handy since some herbs have magical properties.


Planting a herb seed might create a herb bush, depending on the skill score. Holy water can achieve the same, but has many other applications and is not nearly as reliable.

As of 1.2.0, 'a'pplying Gardening to a blossoming herb bush will prompt the player if they would like to gather herb seeds. If successful, this will add 1d2 seeds to the PC's inventory. If unsuccessful, this will destroy the bush. This is the only reliable way to generate new herb seeds, since they are otherwise a very rare spawn.

Successfully planting a herb will grant the PC a very small lawful boost (typically works only for low level PCs).

Hurthlings who start without herbalism can use gardening to check whether bushes are blossoming (since applying skill ends in 'Y/'n prompt); this doesn't serve any practical purpose in tiled mode (NotEye), though, as the health of a herb bush can be immediately distinguished anyway by the tile used for it.

Advanced uses[]

By planting at least one bush via Gardening, you transform a level into one capable of sustaining herbs, so that herb bushes undergo normal herb cycles.

While herbs on non-floor tiles can blossom, the herb life cycle will only create brand new bushes on floor tiles. This means that places such as plains or Terinyo can be used to farm herbs, but only if they are planted in 2x2 squares. Of course, the areas of floor tiles in Terinyo, Lawenilothehl, or the HMV can be used to farm herbs normally.

Creating herb bushes via 'u'sing holy water does not make the level capable of sustaining herbs, and any herb bushes planted in this fashion will not go through normal herb cycles, unless the level already supports herb growth, be it from already existing herbs or herb seeds planted through Gardening.

Currently, plant seeds do nothing when planted.


Hurthlings start with the skill; as do Farmers and Druids of all races.

Other PCs can be taught the skill by Guth'Alak as a reward for killing Keethrax if they already know Herbalism.


Successfully planting herb seeds and harvesting bushes. Since plant seeds essentially do nothing, they are actually useless as far as training is concerned.