Gaab'Baay's quests are a series of quests assigned by Gaab'Baay in the High Mountain Village. These quests require the PC to amass a set of fairly rare items in exchange for the Medal of Chaos. Generally, these quests are only completed by players attempting an Ordinary chaos god ending or Ultra Ending.


  • PC must be chaotic to receive the first two quests.

Able to Change to either N or L after receiving quest for Boar Skull

Description and walkthroughEdit

  • Gaab'Baay's first quest is to satisfy the "mutated one"; that is, the demented ratling. The ratling will ask the PC to give him six artifacts. Generally useless artifacts such as the Phial of Caladriel or the black torc are prime candidates for this quest.
  • In the second quest, the player must find a giant boar skull. These are found, not surprisingly, by killing giant boars. Boars are found as random encounters in forests in the wilderness once the PC has reached level 15. Otherwise, the skull must be wished for. To avoid spending inordinate amounts of time in the wilderness, the PC may wish to temporarily become doomed. Seven league boots are very helpful as well.
  • The next quest is to retrieve a scroll of danger. This scroll is rather rare, which makes it one of the more annoying quests. Generally players will try to look for one in the Casino if they haven't found it yet, and spend a wish as a last resort.
  • Next, the PC must retrieve the corpse of a farmer. Farmers are mostly found in Terinyo, but may also spawn randomly in the High Mountain Village. Players pursuing an Ultra Ending will probably want to lure the farmer they need to kill out of Terinyo using a pet or the :s command to avoid enraging the townsfolk.
  • Gaab'Baay next asks for a potion of cure corruption. Guth'Alak will provide these in exchange for various chaotic corpses. Otherwise, they are rather rare as well.
  • Finally, the player must find a wand of monster creation. These are fairly common as loot, but may be wished for if necessary (though, as always, the Casino should be checked first). The wand must have a non-zero number of charges, which may pose problems for players with the mana battery corruption.