The Frost Giant Jarl Caves, named after its in-game handle "FGJC", is a six-level dungeon that (along with the Ice Queen Domain) made its first appearance in ADOM v. 1.2.0. In order for it to appear, the PC must take the quest to kill Haggar from the ice queen.

Main Features[]

The dungeon as a whole is rather dangerous, at least for many level 15 PCs (which just need to talk to the ice queen for the dungeon to become available). The levels contain many frost giants and frost giant berserkers, as well as other quite strong creatures of cold including white dragons and frost salamanders. The danger level of the dungeon seems to be quite high, with monsters such as ogre kings and even berserker emperors and molochs occasionally found in later levels in it. Still, PCs that are adequately prepared to take on such strong monsters can find the cave to be a great way of gaining some levels before the mid-game events (particularly the Tower of Eternal Flames).

The first four levels of the dungeon are generic levels, which can generate some common dungeon features such as tension rooms, altars and ant nests . The fifth level always generates a greater vault, which along with its many rewards can be very dangerous to PCs that are inadequately prepared.

The last level contains a unique lesser vault, in which Haggar is found. As with any frost giant jarl, Haggar is very strong and the PC is best off dealing with him with any fire-based magic they can use. He is guarded in the vault by white baby dragons, frost giants and frost giant berserkers.



The ice queen's quest to kill Haggar takes place in the Frost Giant Jarl Caves.