Fortune cookie messages (or fortunes) is a term often given to a collection of one or two line messages that usually serve as hints, tips and warnings related to the game (though some of the messages are cryptic), whilst several others are jokes.

A fortune cookie message is generated—or rather, selected randomly from a collection of messages and displayed—when certain actions are performed. The following actions are known to make these messages appear:

  • Eating a fortune cookie. The PC must be literate to read the scrap of paper inside the cookie, and also intelligent enough not to eat the paper!
  • Buying an ale from Torgall, the innkeeper in Dwarftown, for 1 gold piece (he'll tell a fortune as if it was a rumor he heard).
  • If a beggar is given a small (~40gp) amount of gold, and has already given booze, they may sometimes say a fortune (in the form of advice/a warning) when spoken to again.
  • Yggaz will sometimes (though rarely) tell a fortune instead of one of his usual babblings.
  • Reading the book "The Collected Works of Confucius"
  • A possible room effect is a mouth appearing on a wall of a dungeon room, and speaking a fortune before disappearing.

Below is a list of fortune cookie messages found in ADOM; along with possible explanations for the more cryptic messages.

Message Possible Significance
A sharp axe is easier to wield than a sharp wit
All roads lead to chaos, in the end Perhaps a warning that chaotic acts are very difficult to avoid, or a reference to the end of the game
Always consider the consequences of yer deeds lest ye be surprised Might refer to the deeds of killing karmic lizards, and/or the fact that killing at least one feline will cause the Master Cat to become hostile later in the game
Always watch your back! Very good survival advice
An anvil is nothing more than an oversized ingot of iron It is possible to smelt an anvil using Weaponsmith level 6 class power.
Being light as a feather makes you very rifty The weight loss corruptions greatly increase a PC's chance of surviving climbing down the Rift
Care for more intelligent monsters
Don't believe everything *they* say A reference to the abundant amount of fortunes beginning with 'They say'
Dragons want items made from their hide back Not technically true — if the PC 'g'ives an item made of dragon hide to a dragon that is the same color as it, the dragon will destroy the item and become enraged
Eating a demon daisy will make you a demon lover A joke, as eating demon daisies actually cause poisoning
Gift shops are overpriced, unless you use a five finger discount "Five finger discount" may refer to stealing
If you are doomed, this will be the last fortune you ever read Perhaps a light-hearted exaggeration of how dangerous being doomed is (but it could prove to be true)
If you eat the heart of a Dragon, you will share in its strength Possibly refers to the fact that eating a dragon that is immune to a certain element will grant the PC resistance to that element
If you lick a Karmic Lizard, you can get high Not exactly true; but eating karmic lizards does have very nice effects
In the land of eternal darkness, light must come from within Probably meant to be a reference to the Gremlin Cave — which is completely dark naturally, and has the light-emitting artifact Phial of Caladriel somewhere within
It takes an iron stomach to eat black dragon steak Black dragon corpses grants acid resistance
Join DARK (*D*ragons *a*gainst *r*easonable *k*illing)
Living sacrifices are the most valuable of all
Look for strange items Probably a reference to the si, which appears as a 'strange item' whilst unidentified
MADE: Mindcrafters Against Drunken Explorers
Note: Don't forget to throw all the poisoned cookies away
Putting undead to rest with holy water indeed is a lawful act Possibly refers to pouring holy water on Griff Bloodaxe's grave for the portal quest
Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur Latin for 'Anything said in Latin, is profound'
Remember to write something on this cookie
Rifts are deep
Scrolls of balance speak of rocks of alignment When reading scrolls of balance, white rocks represent your PC's alignment to Law, and black rocks to Chaos
Smoking is bad for your health! Besides its literal meaning, could be a reference to the Tower of Eternal Flames
Some gems harbor magical powers As it suggests: some correctly identified gems can be 'U'sed for a particular effect
Sting and Needle... Needle and Sting... twins they are and united they should be Points out that a PC must wield both Sting and Needle together to get the full benefits of each
Stoma Pubis enjoys throwing anvils at opponents Most likely a joke; "Stoma Pubis" is not known to exist in the game. Could perhaps be an anagram - seeing as "Stoma Pubis" contains most of the letters of "Thomas Biskup" (the creator of ADOM).
The coin of chaos has two faces- power and corruption Artifacts which 'contain the essence of Chaos' can be very powerful, but also slowly corrupt their carrier
The Mad Minstrel harbors a dark secret Might refer to the fact that the Mad Minstrel knows the location of the Scintillating Cave, which he will reveal once the Filk Quest is complete. Or could refer to the fact he wants Filk assassinated, but nobody knows why
They say it is not wise to leave one's cause after being crowned to be a champion Changing alignment after becoming crowned greatly angers the deity that crowned the PC and makes him/her become a fallen champion - meaning he/she loses most champion powers and can't be crowned again
They say that a good memory might pay Could refer to the first kill
They say that a paragon of Order must not violate his beliefs by any means Committing any chaotic acts as a Paragon of Order certainly has dire consequences for the PC; the reward for becoming a Paragon (True Strength) will slowly squeeze them to death
They say that all white dragons suffer from a bad cold Probably a reference to white dragons' ice breath attacks, or the fact that (greater) vaults of white dragons decrease surrounding temperature and thus slow down drakelings.
They say that an empty stomach is one's worst enemy Starvation can be the end of many a character.
They say that at times mindless rage might save your life in fights A bit of combat advice — more precisely, that switching to a more offensive tactic and hitting the enemy back may help the PC survive
They say that at times things can get zorky The word 'zorky' is possibly a reference to the game Zork; ADOM contains many references to Zork.
They say that attacking shopkeepers is bad for your karma Shoplifting, under certain circumstances, can negatively affect karma
They say that balors are the gatekeepers of Chaos Refers to the fact that as long as there is still at least one balor alive in D:50, they will re-open the levers for the Chaos Gate when the PC closes them. Thus, one of the few possible ways of making sure the Gate stays closed is to slay all the balors
They say that being able to read is very useful when visiting the library
They say that Berzio potions are useful for taming monsters Pacifies the target when thrown for a small amount of time
They say that blessed items improve one's eyesight Blessed potions of carrot juice can increase Perception by 1; or by 5 when drunk in a room that "filled with the smell of carrots".
They say that blessed potions of extra healing might be a real boon Blessed potions of extra healing are notably more effective than uncursed potions of ultra healing; being capable of restoring about 300-400 HP when drunk
They say that boozed bozos can be very helpful Give a potion or potions of booze to the village fool at Terinyo and you will get an equal number of random potions in return (possibly including potions of cure corruption or potions of education)
They say that bugs can be really nasty May refer to either the danger of greater claw bugs and killer bugs, or programming bugs that crash the game
They say that burning torches can be very dangerous Rather, they can be used as weapons
They say that champions may pray for more favors than ordinary people Being crowned halves the piety cost of prayers.
They say that companions fear darkness A warning against bringing companions into dark rooms — as you might attack them by mistake
They say that controlled teleportation is really great It is, especially on demand
They say that converting an altar is difficult without losing one's faith Converting an altar always needs sacrificing something to other deity which means angering your current one
They say that corpses mark the realm of death Reference to the Banshee level
They say that corrupted things can be your boon and your doom Similar to the message "The coin of chaos has two faces- power and corruption".
They say that corruption harbors great might... and great weakness! Most corruptions have both positive and negative effects
They say that cursed potions of invisibility might have strange effects Indeed, regular potions of invisibility grant temporary invisibility ['Suddenly you can't see yourself!"], whereas cursed potions actually temporarily blind the PC ["Suddenly you can't see anything!"]
They say that cursed thieves picks might do strange things Cursed thieves picks might trap a door
They say that dark elves are especially good in the night
They say that distortion is the way to godhood Probably a reference to the fact that PCs must be very heavily corrupted to become a Chaos God
They say that dogs become more loyal when fed Giving some canine monsters (those represented by 'd') bone tames them
They say that drinking black potions during the night corrupts your soul 'Black potions' may be a reference to potions of raw chaos; however, their effect is always the same regardless of when they're drunk, and unidentified 'black potions' are not always potions of raw chaos.
They say that drinking holy water with bland rations will make them taste better A reference to how holy water can be used to improve cursed items. The message "Yuck! Bland rations!" is displayed when a cursed ration is eaten; so, dipping such a ration in holy water will improve the taste by making it blessed.
They say that eating beings of true evil corrupts your very essence Eating chaos monsters causes corruption
They say that eating humans is evil Doesn't appear to be true
They say that eating magic-wielding monsters might be a boon for your mana Corpses of all spell-casting monsters have a chance to increase Mana score, as well as maximum PP
They say that elemental altars can only be converted by the most faithful Only champions of Balance or Order can convert altars in elemental temples
They say that elves trade strength of body for speed Probably refers to the fact that eating a dark elf will lower the PC's Toughness and increase their Dexterity
They say that every coin has two sides
They say that excitement is a messenger of battle Receiving the message "You feel (truly) excited" upon entering a dungeon level for the first time indicates that there is a vault in it
They say that faster blood means faster recovery Receiving the message "Your blood courses faster through your veins!" (by eating trolls or drinking potions of troll blood) means the PC is recovering hit points faster
They say that feeding rust monsters is costly but definitely worth it It is arguably better to calm rust monsters by giving them metallic items than to have them attack and rust/destroy the PC's equipment
They say that fire is the most violent element. Be as resistant as you can Probably a reference to the Tower of Eternal Flames — which is the most dangerous location for an elemental temple in the game. (However, in terms of magical elements — fire, cold, shock and acid — acid is actually more powerful and destructive than fire.)
They say that Fire is the only element living on the surface Refers to the fact that the elemental temple of fire — the Tower of Eternal Flames — is the only elemental temple not located in the Caverns of Chaos.
They say that fortunes must be followed by the incantation 'in bed' to work A well-known real-world fortune cookie joke
They say that fury makes you less stubborn Probably refers to how eating bug corpses decreases Willpower[1]
They say that gods like sacrifices of food and valuable stuff Sacrificing gold and gems seem to substantially raise your PC's relation with their deity. As for "food", corpses tend to be preferred (as long as they're of the appropriate alignment)
They say that good gamblers know which coins they have to use Rather which game machines in the Casino to use (24gp/game are the best). Might be a reference to the fact slot machines and gold pieces are represented by the same character, a dollar sign.
They say that gambling is bad for your finances While largely true in the real world, in ADOM casino gambling is practically guaranteed to earn the character more money
They say that graveyards are dangerous places Both graveyards available in the game are filled with hordes of undead
They say that greater vaults are hiding places for artifacts Greater vaults are guaranteed to contain one or two artifacts, sometimes in hidden rooms
They say that green pools contain deadly slime More than likely a joke; no reports have been found so far of slime appearing in pools.
They say that herb bushes grow according to magical patterns As it implies, the particular placement of herb bushes relative to each other dictates whether each bush will thrive or wither away
They say that herbs have strange effects
They say that holy water might bear fruits As well as blessing any almost any item that is dipped in it, and putting undead monsters to rest, a potion of holy water has another strange use: if 'U'sed rather than drunk, it might cause a herb bush to start growing on the spot where the PC poured the water (although this only seems to work in certain places and has a high failure rate).
They say that hurthlings don't like shoes Equipping boots reduces a hurthling's Dexterity by 2 points
They say that Infinity does not permit to visit any place twice Probably refers to the fact that in the Infinite Dungeon, every level is generated unique; even when a level number in the dungeon is revisited, the dungeon level will have regenerated
They say that it is good for your survival if you can't hear death coming The best way to survive being killed by the Banshee's wail of death is to be deaf
They say that it might be useful to remain persistent with uncharged wands May refer to the fact that there is sometimes a chance to "wrench a final charge" from a wand with 0 charges
They say that it might come in handy to discover a use for useless potions The PC will be rewarded with a random artifact if they find a use for a potion of uselessness. The only known such use is to throw it on D:49 in order to move across the floor (if one is thrown without the PC moving as a result, it will end up being wasted)
They say that Khelavaster is still alive True; unless he dies, of course
They say that kicking a stuck door helps Some good advice for players who can't get their PC through a locked door without any other means of opening it
They say that kicking stairs helps to train your strength A possible way to increase Strength; however, beware unexpected results (see next message)
They say that kicking stairs might be bad for your health A reference to the fact that kicking the stairs on a dungeon level might break them (on very rare occasions), causing the entire level to collapse and instantly kill the PC.
They say that killing cats is bad for your karma The karma lies in the fact that each time the PC kills a cat, the cat lord gets stronger
They say that killing friends won't help you finding new ones Some observation shows that attacking tamed animals increases the difficulty of taming (repeated attacks cause cumulative increase)
They say that libraries are especially useful for wizards The library contains many powerful spellbooks. For wizards, all scrolls in the library are replaced with additional spellbooks, including a spellbook of wish.
They say that long jumps require small moves Might refer to sacrificing small amounts of gold in a cross-aligned altar to convert the PC's alignment
They say that Mana is a kind of side trek Most likely refers to the fact that the PC must go through a sub-dungeon in the Caverns of Chaos to reach the Mana Temple[2]
They say that many cursed items cause bad luck Cursed items don't grant bad luck per se, but many items that intrinsically reduce Luck are autocursing
They say that many wands depend on the power of their wielder Like with cast spells, the PC's Willpower is a factor in determining the range of a spell invoked by a wand
They say that merchants are really well-spoken thieves
They say that merchants are well-versed in handling coins Merchants (both PCs and shopkeepers) are able to use coins as a weapon.
They say that monsters tamed by bards will never willingly leave Companions have a chance to become hostile when out of line of sight, unless the PC is a bard
They say that monuments can hold dark secrets Possible reference to the Infinite Dungeon or Ancient Stone Circle
They say that nobody ever heard the wail of the Banshee more than once Warns that the wail of the Banshee instantly kills
They say that not all herbs must be eaten There are other ways of using certain herbs- for example, moss of mareilon can be 'U'sed to train Dexterity
They say that once you have opened the final gate there is no way back Once you insert all chaos orbs/step through the chaos gate you can't go back
They say that patience is the better part of valor Though possibly meant as a general gameplay philosophy, it might also refer to the Animated Forest - where the PC is a lot more likely to survive by waiting for the trees to move than by trying to destroy all in their path.
They say that pools contain mysterious secrets Indeed, drinking from pools can cause many strange effects
They say that potions of booze and mana-rich potions are able to charge more than just your alcohol level Dipping a wand in potions of booze or potions of (boost) mana will recharge it
They say that potions of toughness tend to remove your hungry feelings Potions of toughness are usually capable of increasing the PC's satiation level much more than other potions would
They say that praying at altars of your deity is helpful Non-crowning prayers cost half as much when standing on an aligned altar
They say that quests are noble and just Many (but not all) quests draw character alignment towards Lawful
They say that repetitive requests are frowned upon by the gods Each type of prayer increases in cost the more times it is used
They say that rubbing moss of mareilon onto your skin might get you moving 'U'sing non-cursed moss of mareilon - rather than eating it - trains the PC's Dexterity
They say that rusted electrical items might be dangerous to the user Refers to wands of lightning and wands of ball lightning, which are said to behave in nasty ways if rusted.
They say that sacrifices can be dangerous May refer to either the tendency of deities to become enraged by unwanted sacrifices, or the risk of the PC being sacrificed by a monster whilst standing on an altar to sacrifice items
They say that shopkeepers base their prices upon racial preference The prices charged by shopkeeper's depend on their race and its relation to other races
They say that shopkeepers sometimes try to cheat the customer May refer to Casino shop with sky-high prices; you should also avoid being disarmed inside a shop
They say that shops are dangerous at night i.e. in darkness
They say that Sis might enhance your creativity There is no one clear use for a si; rather, the player must figure out themselves what to use it for
They say that skeletons like bones May refer to the fact that giving a skeleton bones will heal it
They say that some items are especially deadly in matter how you use them.
They say that some items are useful when worn shortly before special moments One possible meaning of this is that wielding the Trident of the Red Rooster just when Andor Drakon is slain makes the difference between an Ultra ending and an Ordinary Chaos God ending.
They say that smashing statues might wield magical wands Some statues may contain wands which can be acquired when they are broken
They say that some statues have magical bones See above
They say that some stuff needs a lot of blessing to improve
They say that some wands are not very reliable May refer to wands of wonder that cast a random spell, or the unpredictability of wands of ball lightning
They say that swamp hydras are tough food As well as the fact that swamp hydra corpses are literally tough, this might also hint that eating them trains the PC's Toughness
They say that the ancient dwarf knows a lot about quests Perhaps a hint to the player to input the keyword 'quests' when talking to the ancient dwarf
They say that the banshee transformed after losing her beloved husband Male PCs can get the Banshee to stop wailing if they wield a wedding ring; consult the Mad Minstrel for the Banshee's backstory
They say that the cat lord finds no fault with ye if ye never harmed any cat The cat lord won't attack the PC if they have never killed a cat; rather, he will give the PC a reward
They say that the dungeons of mystery consist of 100 levels "ADOM" used to stand for "Advanced Dungeons of Mystery", and the game featured a single dungeon with 100 levels until version 0.4.0[3]
They say that the essence of mareilon moss is proof against the undead
They say that the forces of Law built a monument to Infinity Reference to the Infinite Dungeon, which — as also explained by the Mad Minstrel — was built by the forces of Law but distorted by chaos
They say that the gods do not yearn for material wealth Not true, as gold in particular is very useful for increasing piety
They say that the gods greatly favor living sacrifices
They say that the great rift is very dangerous for almost anyone
They say that the guild of industrious brutal muggers writes really confusing manuals Reference to IBM guild manuals - if the PC reads one, they will become permanently confused
They say that the home of the banshee is ruled by eternal decay 'Eternal decay' may refer to the fact that corpses in the level never seem to rot
They say that the king hid a lot of gold in these dungeons Reference to gold vaults, and royal guards
They say that the library charges high fees Silence is golden
They say that the lofty nature of some writing sets is influenced by the degree of magic invoked with it Writing certain scrolls always drains Mana (unless PC is a Monk)
They say that the mint-flavoured juice distilled out of morgia roots improves Toughness, slakes thirst and conceals bad breath The first part, at least, is of significance: eating morgia roots trains Toughness
They say that the radiance of chaos will corrupt you faster the deeper you descend The background corruption rate in the Caverns of Chaos increases the further down the PC descends
They say that the secret to becoming a Chaos God is hidden in the Drakalor Chain May refer to The Oracle, whom is hidden away in the High Mountain Village and tells the secret to becoming a chaos god to PCs with the Medal of Chaos, Crown of Chaos and Sceptre of Chaos.
They say that there are many gems deep under the mountains Digging a dungeon wall might yield gems if the PC has the Gemology skill
They say that there is a secret level guarded by many powerful monsters which contains several artifacts Possibly a reference to greater vaults
They say that thick gauntlets are great for isolating your hands This is an important hint to bear in mind if your PC's corrupted hands are dripping in poison, and doesn't wish to poison everything they pick up
They say that those who have too many friends also have too many enemies
They say that those who hear the wail of the banshee are doomed More precisely: if not properly protected, those who hear the Banshee's wail are sure to die
They say that those who manage to empty a pool will receive a wish Not technically true, but there is a small chance of getting a wish while drinking from pools
They say that tiny caves can be very large Probably a reference to the Infinite Dungeon, which is identified on the map as a "tiny, distorted cave entry"
They say that to be a champion of one's cause is very valuable when using ancient magic Champions receive lower penalty on food consumption when wielding artifacts. (Perhaps also a clue about how to use the scroll of omnipotence?)
They say that too much chaos essence corrupts thy inner self
They say that true berserkers fight naked Points out that in order to go from fighting Berserk to fighting as a true berserker, the PC must remove all their armor.
They say that using artifacts costs a lot of energy More specifically: the PC's satiation is decreased by a certain extra amount for each artifact he/she is wielding.
They say that wands of knocking might split your skull
They say that when you hear a "Hurumph!" you'd better start to run Receiving the message "You hear a distant 'Hurumph!'" indicates that there is a Dorn Beast on the level; which are generally not quite as dangerous as this fortune seems to imply if the PC has paralysis resistance.
They say that you might find gems in the deep levels
They say that you need a lot of leverage to stop the forces of Chaos More than likely a pun on the fact that the PC must pull two levers to close the Chaos Gate, and must keep them held down to keep it closed
They say that you need a strong will to enter the great rift The PC cannot enter the Rift if their Willpower is below 20
They say that you need persistence and peace to truly profit from religious scriptures Religious tracts take a long time to read through, so it is suggested that when trying to read one the PC should find a place where monsters can't attack them
They say that you need to be an expert climber to survive the great rift Having a Climbing skill of 100 is very important for scaling the Rift
They say that you need to be very experienced to enter the great rift A PC must be level 18 or higher to enter the Rift
They say that you only can be the champion of your deity if you are very close to your deity Or, in terms of in-game messages, absolutely close
They say that you should not slow down in your final fight Possibly refers to writhing masses of primal chaos which have a slowing attack and can be found in abundance on D:50 (as well as the Chaos Plane)
They say that you should seek the heart of the mountains Possibly a clue to the location of the Caverns of Chaos; though could also refer to the Library, which is somewhere in the Rift.
They say that you should try to investigate the potential uses of beewax The main use known for beeswax is blocking the PC's ears from the Banshee's fatal wail
They say that you should wish for appearance There are better stats to wish for, if the player is so inclined
They say that you should wish for charisma See above
They say that you should wish for dexterity
They say that you should wish for friends
They say that you should wish for knowledge
They say that you should wish for mana
They say that you should wish for strength
They say that you should wish for toughness
They say that you should wish for wealth Wishing for wealth, money, or gold results in about 3,000-130,000 gold pieces, depending on character level. There are better things to wish for.
They say that you should wish for willpower
They say that you should wish for wishes Probably a joke - wishing for wishes is impossible
They say that you will feel the corrupting incursions of Chaos Refers to corruption, though most likely Background corruption — which is gradual and inevitable once certain dungeon levels are reached
They say that you will need a weapon of mass destruction to come closer to your goal Probably refers to using wand of destruction to help closing the Chaos Gate.
They say that you'll have to pull mightily to plug the chaotic intrusions Probably a reference to the pulling of the two levers on D:50 to close the Chaos Gate
They say that your piety depends on your disposition towards all gods of your pantheon The PC has a separate piety score with the god of each alignment. Increasing piety with one god decreases it with the others, and vice versa.
They say ye cannot shoot yourself, no matter how hard ye try Most likely a reference to the fact that missiles do not work on doppelgangers.
This cookie will make you pay a high price Possibly a pun on fortune
This is a joke Self-explanatory
Those of Trollish Blood must drink from the Bloody Pool Trolls drinking from bloody pools has not yet proven to yield any special effects
Those who guard artifacts are deadly enemies Refers to artifact guardians, that are named monsters that are much more powerful than other monsters of their type. May also refer to monsters in greater vaults (which always hold at least one artifact), which are highly experienced.
Those without overwhelming piety won't affect elemental altars See "They say that elemental altars..."
To be heavy in not very nifty in a deep rift The heavier the PC is, the more chance they seem to have of falling when climbing the rift
To leave the Animated Forest you will have to reach the corner opposite the entrance True
Who are they, anyway? Another reference to the amount of fortune cookie messages that begin with "They say"
Ye dost not need to find some kind of amulet to save the world Appears to be a reference to the central plot of ADOM predecessors, Rogue and NetHack. Can also be interpreted to mean that an amulet of life saving is required to save Khelavaster and achieve an ultra ending, but is not needed for ordinary endings.
Your termination is long due
They say that Rolf was left-handed. Indicates the optimal way to wield his axe with his shield
They say that Rolf was killed and an impostor has taken his place millenia ago!
They say Rolf built an abomination from the most powerful artifact of dwarvenkind and now is trying to cover it up Katharamandus's stone heart is a dwarven artifact; this message seems to suggest that Rolf's archenemy was of his own creation.
They say that Rolf was an agent of Chaos with a particularly vile plan to consume the world!
They say that Rolf is guilty of murdering his own blood and he tried to cover it up.
They say that Rolf is nothing but a legend.
They say that sometimes it needs a heavy hit to transmogrify horror into something useful. Dealing damage with Michals Transmogrifier transforms skeletons into Stone statues (which can then be tamed by said weapon)
They say that the merchants guild welcomes lucky adventurers. The PC must have Lucky or Fate smiles in order to find the Merchant Guild
They say that lucky people can find access to great wealth in the south-eastern Drakalor Chain... if they search hard enough.
They say that not all is at it seems.
They say that some fires take great efforts to spark! Possibly a reference to using the Weird fire starter on a dormant volcano to access the Ultimate Dungeon.
Staves must be held to unlock their full potential Some magic staves, at least, have an additional effect while they are wielded
To change the gods of chaos would require nothing less than the end of the world. Possibly a reference to the special nihilist ending
They say that a single stone can be used to unpick reality and create strong new ties! A clue on how to use the Unpick axe to create walls from exactly one rock
They say that a legendary knight called Michal once led an army of stone skeletons against the forces of Chaos. Reference to Michals Transmogrifier