This article is a complete list of all types of food in ADOM. Note that satiation values listed are for uncursed food; blessed food gives 125% satiation and cursed food gives 50%. Corpses, apples, and raw meat are susceptible to rotting. The process of rotting means the item is changing its B/U/C status for the worse. If rotting food starts at or reaches cursed status, the next step is to disappear completely. Cooking food not only doubles its satiation value, but reduces the speed at which it rots. Rotting is also temporarily suspended while the PC is performing multi-turn actions such as eating or changing body armor; this behavior allows a PCs to keep valuable corpses in their preferred state long enough to eat by repeatedly performing these actions until he or she becomes hungry.


Herbs can only be found by picking herb bushes. Unless the player has the Herbalism skill, all picked herbs will be cursed. The efficacy of every herb depends on its B/U/C status, with blessed herbs having the most positive or least negative effect and cursed having the opposite.

All herbs weigh 2s and do not rot.

Name Satiation Effect/Notes
Alraunia antidote 20 When eaten, fights poison.
Burb root 20 When eaten, causes acid damage. Acid resistance reduces damage.
Curaria mancox 20 When eaten, fights sickness.
Demon daisy 20 When eaten, causes poison.
Devil's rose 20 When eaten, causes sickness.
Morgia root 20 When eaten, exercises Toughness and Willpower.
Moss of mareilon 20 When 'u'sed, exercises Dexterity. Cursed will abuse Dexterity instead.
Pepper petal 20 When eaten, restores some HP.
Spenseweed 20 When 'u'sed, restores some HP.
Stomacemptia Variable Makes the PC hungrier.
Stomafillia Variable Very sating. See article for details.

Ratling trader food[]

Ratling traders can be found on the Arena level of the Caverns of Chaos. They each sell a different type of food which cannot be obtained anywhere else.

All food from ratling traders weighs 3s and does not rot.

Name Satiation
Cooked lizard 500
Cooked roach 20
Fat worm 20
Fried bat 100
Rat tail 20


Most monsters in ADOM can drop corpses. All corpses but the cute dog's rot over time, and the majority of them can be found as random drops. Corpses can only be generated as a random drop if the current level has a Danger Level high enough for the relevant monster to be spawned.

Corpses can be cooked with a cooking set if the PC has the Cooking skill, reducing their weight by 5%, doubling any positive satiation value, and delaying rotting. Fractional weights are rounded up. Corpses on the ground can also be cooked using fire bolts or balls, including those caused by misapplying Alchemy.

Some corpses cause the PC to vomit, reducing satiation value by up to 1000 depending on the corpse. Consumption of certain corpses is limited by race and hunger status; Trolls may eat the largest variety and starving characters will eat corpses they would otherwise refuse.

It is believed that all corpses give same value than sacrificed (worth ~375 gold pieces), despite their potential satiation value. Cooked ones likely have double value.

Almost all of the corpses and their effects can be found at the Monsters page, with additional details on individual monster pages.

Miscellaneous food[]

All food that does not fit into one of the above categories is here.

Unless otherwise specified, all food in this section does not rot.

Name Weight Satiation Satiation/weight DL Notes
Apple 2s 100 50.0/s 1 Can rot.
Bit of plain candy 2s 20 10.0/s 2 Abuses Toughness. Can be given to children or Blup for a small lawful alignment boost.
Bit of gnomish candy 2s 1000 500.0/s 4 Abuses Toughness.
Bone 4s 10 2.5/s 1 Can be 'g'iven to dogs to calm and tame them. Can be 'g'iven to skeletons to heal them.
Dwarven sausage 20s 500 25.0/s 1
Fortune cookie 3s 100 33.3/s 1 When eaten will give a fortune cookie message.
Frog legs 2s 100 50.0/s 1
Herb seed 2s 20 10.0/s 1 Gardening skill can be used to turn this into an herb bush.
Hurthling cake 30s 100 3.3/s 1 Cursed cakes stun non-trolls.
Iron ration 100s 500 5.0/s 1 Lighter than large rations, but same satiation value.
Large ration 200s 500 2.5/s 1 Commonly found for sale in Munxip's shop in Terinyo.
Loaf of bread 40s 500 12.5/s 1
Loaf of dwarvish bread 60s 500 8.3/s 1 Satiation value quadrupled for dwarves.
Loaf of elven bread 3s 2000 666.7/s 1
Loaf of hurthling bread 30s 500 16.7/s 1
Loaf of spider bread 3s 20 6.7/s 1 More nutritious for dark elves. A cursed loaf gives 2010 satiation, an uncursed loaf gives 1020, and a blessed loaf 125. This is in fact intentional.
Lump of beeswax 5s 20 4.0/s N/A Can be used to plug ears. Only found by destroying a bee hive.
Lump of gelee royal 3s 2000 666.7/s N/A When eaten, removes scars, adds 1 to Appearance, cures all disease and poisoning. Sometimes generated by kicking beehives until they collapse.
Melon 20s 500 25.0/s 1
Piece of dry meat 15s 500 33.4/s 1
Piece of raw meat 20s 500 25.0/s 1 Can rot. Can be cooked to produce a piece of fresh meat. Can be fed to some animals to tame them. Some races and classes receive extra satiation from this, see the article for details.
Piece of fresh meat 20s 1000 50.0/s 1 Cooked version of raw meat. Does not rot.
Piece of fish meat 10s 500 50.0/s N/A Can rot. Can be cooked to produce a fried piece of fish meat. Can be fed to some animals (and black hurthlings) to tame them.
Plant seed 2s 20 10.0/s 1 Can be given to farmers for a lawful boost. Planting these (using Gardening) does not appear to do anything.

Food Vendors[]

Munxip owns a food store in Terinyo, catering especially to adventurers' needs by selling mostly large rations with the occasional iron ration mixed in. Other food types such as loaves of bread are also quite common, including the occasional corpse or bone. Depending on the player's shopping stat (Charisma if male, Appearance if female), racial preferences (Munxip is always human), and the item's status, his prices for large rations range from about 9 gold pieces to just over 30. Prices for cursed, uncursed and blessed large rations, are constant, so it's rather easy to discern the good from the not so good. Uncursed and blessed food is more cost and weight efficient.

Any general store will also occasionally sell food items, usually at quite a bit higher price than Munxip does.

The ratling traders will sell their food at prices of 1-5 gold apiece, with cooked lizards being the most expensive. However, even 5 gold per cooked lizard is still a tremendous steal; each is as nutritious as a large ration, you can buy around four for the average price of a large ration, and one large ration is as heavy as 66 cooked lizards.

Some information taken with permission from Andy Williams' Guidebook.