Material required? Fletchery set
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Fletchery is used to make ammunition for bows and crossbows.

Manual info[]

With this skill, you can create new arrows and bolts. You need a fletchery set and some wood to use it.


In order to create missiles, PCs need to have either wooden sticks (typically found by kicking doors) or logs (which can be acquired by chopping down trees with a hatchet or by killing animated trees).

When the skill is applied there is an option to create either arrows, quarrels, or tiny quarrels. Tiny quarrels are generally an inferior choice. Characters often seem to produce only half as many quarrels as arrows per application.

Missiles can be generated with prefixes and suffixes; the chance of this happening seems to be based purely on character level, with level 50 characters producing a stack of affixed missiles as often as once in three uses of the skill. Missiles of slaying are a possibility, while missiles of -foo- slaying are not, since they are considered as separate items from basic missiles.

Advanced uses[]

The extra checks on the skill mainly seem to determine whether or not an application is successful, which is significant since fletchery sets have limited numbers of uses.

The B/U/C status of the fletchery set does not seem to influence the number or quality of missiles produced. The status of the wood, on the other hand, heavily influences the number of missiles received. Cursed wood creates ridiculously small numbers of missiles, and logs produce far more missiles than sticks.

Using fletchery is rather time consuming — using wooden sticks easily uses over 150 turns, while using a log might take 500. This time might be reduced the more points the PC has in the skill. Eating before starting and moving to a safe location is recommended.

Level 18+ Archers are "more productive" with Fletchery thanks to their class power. In-game testing seems to suggest that the class power just reduces the amount of time required to use the skill.

Fletchery never seems to be interrupted by teleportitis.


Class only: archers and farmers.


The skill is trained by using it, which is costly since fletchery sets have limited uses. The skill cannot be increased on level-up unless the PC has a fletchery set in their inventory.