Fireball/Major Punishment
School Arcane
Type Damage
Range Ball
Base cost 20
Equivalent item wand of fireballs
crystal of fire

Fireball is an arcane offensive spell in ADOM. It allows the caster summon an cloud of flame around himself/herself, damaging all beings in the area.

Fireball is the weakest and least expensive ball spell in the game, thus sharing the following common features:

  • Effective range is approximately a circle (counting in tiles) with the radius based on PC's Willpower
  • Attacking monsters with Fireball while invisible will betray the PC's location to them
  • Fireball will damage everything in its effective area including monsters in walls and outside the PC's line of sight

A large number of enemies in ADOM are immune to fire damage, making Improved Fireball useless against them (see the full list here). Some monsters are, on the other hand, highly vulnerable to fire (see the full list here). Fireball is exceptionally powerful in the Frost Giant Jarl Caves.

As any other fire spell Fireball is suppressed in the Ice Queen Domain. Attempting to cast it will drain the usual spell cost but produce no effect except an extra message.



Fireball damage is dependent mainly on PC's level (L) and slightly on spell proficiency (P). The exact formula is the following:

max{3, [2 + L / 4]}d6 + L + P


Fireball radius is solely dependent on PC's Willpower (W). The exact formula is the following:

max{2, [W / 8]}

Only every even value signifies a different blast size. Radius value should be divided by 2 and rounded down — the resulting number corresponds to actual circle radius counting in level tiles. In practice, the observable increase in spell radius will first occur when the PC reaches Willpower score of 32. Every 16 more points of Willpower (48, 64, etc.) will trigger another increase.

Ball spell radius 2, 3 (1-31 points of Willpower)
Ball spell radius 4, 5 (32-47 points of Willpower)
Ball spell radius 6, 7 (48-63 points of Willpower)


Fireball will destroy items on the floor, herbs, webs, and ice bridges.

Using Fireball in the Animated Forest is not recommended as this will enrage all animated trees on the level.

Fireball can be used to cook corpses and melt iron items into iron ingots. The corresponding item(s) should be lying on the floor for this to happen and may need several castings to be affected.

Some information taken with permission from Andy Williams' Guidebook.

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