Fire elemental
Location ToEF
Monster type Construct
Alignment Neutral
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Medium
Picks up items? No
1.1.1 KPL 5

Fire elemental is a type of monster in ADOM. Like most creatures of fire they are immune to heat, but highly vulnerable to cold spells. They can also breathe fire.

Hordes of fire elementals appear in the fire temple, atop the Tower of Eternal Flames. Like other elementals, they rarely appear in other dungeons.

Special abilities[]

  • Immune to fire
  • Vulnerable to cold
  • Sometimes shrugs off bolts and other resistible magic
  • Breathes fire
  • Construct abilities
    • Cannot be sacrificed
    • Immune to death rays, stunning, blindness, paralysis, and poison
    • Immune to telepathic mindcraft

Common stats[]

DV: 44, PV: 17, Hits: 160, Attacks: 2, Speed: 100.

Corpse effects[]

Elementals don't leave corpses.

Monster memory[]

These creatures originate on a different plane of existence where fire and heat dominate. The heat of their nature is dangerous to those not of their plane, so any contact with their form is dangerous to the integrity of one's Ancardian nature. They spread their element through contact or breath.