The water dragon living in Terinyo, Blup, wants the player to locate his mother, the great water dragon Shyssiryxius. This quest is not technically assigned to the player (ie. it does not appear in the quest log) and there is no need to talk to Blup to receive the quest; however, both Blup and Tywat Pare suggest that you perform this task. Note that chaotic Chaos Knights cannot inform Blup of his mom's location, and so cannot complete this quest.


The player must be strong enough to survive a trip to the Water Dragon Cave.

Description and walkthrough[]

The player must simply spend time on any water square he or she chooses until the underwater staircase is located ("s"earching is one option, but is not necessary and does not seem to work better than simple walking). Its not possible to find the staircase while levitating. Upon entering the Water Dragon Cave, the player must talk with Shyssiryxius, the great water dragon, and return to Terinyo. Because the cave is underwater, a means to breathe water or stop all drowning damage, such as a helm of water breathing or a blessed ring of the fish respectively, is nigh essential, as is a means to deal with (or at least avoid) the relatively powerful monsters that live in the cave. In principle, a PC with teleportation and control, plus a few prayers or healing potions, may be able to enter the cave, teleport 36 squares to the left, chat to the water dragon, and exit the cave despite not having any form of water breathing. If the PC has the Swimming skill, drowning damage is greatly reduced, although it does not help to avoid drowning entirely. Cure Light Wounds at very high effectivity (40s) can be used to counteract drowning, if the PC has Swimming.


  • After returning to Blup and telling him of the location of the cave the player will eventually be rewarded with the rune-covered trident. The trident will arrive by a water elemental messenger once character level 36 is reached - not necessarily immediately, but soon. If the player has the Raven starsign, the trident will arrive at character level 16, at which point the rune-covered trident is likely the most powerful weapon that can be found for some time barring a lucky crowning or Surge of Power.
  • Completing this quest will also give a significant lawful boost.
  • If Shyssiryxius is killed before Blup has been informed of her whereabouts, the PC will not receive the Rune covered trident; however, once Blup has been informed, she can be killed even if the trident has not yet arrived without forfeiting it - she already sent it, after all. You don't even have to be peaceful with Shyssiryxius. If you attack and make Shyssiryxius hostile but don't kill her. And later inform Blup of her location. You will still get the trident. You might still need to chat with Shyssiryxius.