The Filk Quest—or Kill Filk—is assigned by the Assassin Prince in the Assassins' Guild. He asks the PC to kill Filk, the quickling bard, who is hiding in the Infinite Dungeon. This quest is generally only of interest to players attempting an ultra ending.


Description and walkthrough[]

The difficulty in this quest does not come primarily from killing Filk himself, but rather from finding him. Filk is hiding on the same level of the ID as the number of times the player has killed the same monster as his first kill. Thus, if the number of monsters of that type is low, then Filk will be easy to find; but if the first kill is a giant rat, and over the course of the game 300 of these have been killed, finding Filk will be an extremely dangerous exercise. Furthermore, the PC will not be alerted as to the level of the ID that Filk will be on, so if the player does not know what their first kill is, then they will need to search very carefully to find him. The player will be alerted if Filk is on a level and they leave without slaying him, however, with the message "You feel a bit of music disappear from your life". There have been reports that players who miss Filk in the ID may find him occasionally in the Wilderness.

Filk himself is the fastest monster in the game, with a speed of well over 1000, and his DV is astronomical. He is a karmic being, so physical attacks are not recommended. Since he starts non-hostile, the easiest way to kill him is simply to approach him and use a wand of fireballs, ball-type spell, or an unerring missile. These attacks never miss, and given that Filk has practically no health, should kill him instantly.

Once Filk is slain, the PC must ascend the ID and speak to the Mad Minstrel to receive their reward.


Once Filk is dead, the Mad Minstrel will reveal the location of the Scintillating Cave, home of the Emperor moloch and the fabled crumpled scroll. The crumpled scroll is the last ingredient necessary for Obtaining the Trident of the Red Rooster.