Wishing for figurines (to about 200k stones which is aproxim 8 thousand figurines) was performed at various DL. Details can be found on User_blog:Soirana.

Results seem to correlate to monster DL (checked versus code dived data dump and

Testing never generated:

- statues: stone, crystal, ice (presumably figurines use the same code as statue generation - thus statues of statues are avoided)

- uniques: like orb guardians, quest givers, etc

- location specific monsters (they are not generated even in these locations): battle bunnies, animated trees, townsfolk, steel golems (the last was somewhat surprising)

-some monsters requiring specific conditions to spawn: giant ants, giant bees, solars

-greater earth elementals were generated on d45+reading multiple danger scrolls. It's still unclear, whether scrolls of danger or running extra few thousand wished were more important.

Testing does not allow to differentiate between DL1 and DL2 monsters as on DL1 figurines seem to generate for both DL1 and DL2 monsters. Due to limitation to scrolls of danger DL45+ were bot tested.

Table of generated monsters on their levels:

DL Monsters
1-2 goblin, claw bug, gnoll, lizard man, ratling thief, giant bat, giant rat, homunculus, large kobold, black hurthling. orc, bugbear, fire beetle, kobold, rabid dog, goblin rockthrower, hobgoblin, large bat, ratling archer, jackal, giant frog, wild cat, rat, giant centipede, ghost bat, zombie, orc scorcher, skeleton, white worm, goblin slavemaster, dwarf, large spider, kobold shaman, floating eye, gremlin, pixie, hobgoblin leader, cutpurse
3 swordsman, wererat, ratling warrior, raider, large orc, gelatinous cube, dark sage, ogre, huge bat, bandit, giant lizard, kobold chieftain, big dog, goblin chieftain, wolf, viper, blink dog, ghul, hobgoblin chief, fairy dragon
4 hyena, ratling fencer, cave fisher, hippogriff, goblin berserker, quasit, cooshoo, imp, giant raccoon, doppelganger, gray ooze, corpse fiend, large dog, jackalwere, large gnoll, large jackal, cave lion, barbarian, cobra, green worm, pixie archer
5 carrion crawler, owlbear, green slime, chaos rat, chaos brother, chaos sister, eye of destruction, hill orc, cave tiger, dire wolf, least demon, dark elven wizard, outlaw, red worm, gibbering mouther, karmic lizard, dark elven wizard, shadow, werewolf, necromancer, mist wolf, rattlesnake, dark elven archer, minotaur, cave lizard, fire lizard, shadow centipede, silver wolf, orc chieftain, giant spider, harpy, displacer beast, gargantuan rat, large snake, ankheg
6 yellow ooze, hell hound, ogre magus, griffon, brown bear, gnoll chieftain, barbarian leader, berserker fig, caveman, fire vortex, gargoyle,
7 hill orc sergeant, outlaw leader, wight, chaos lizard, ghost, leucrotta, staring eye, magebane eye, brown worm, mimic, rust monster, water snake
8 stone snake, troll, ochre jelly, green hag, margoyle, black wizard, ice vortex, chaos plague bearer, invisible stalker, flesh golem, assassin, king cobra
9 ettin, purple worm, dark elven priestess, clay golem, tarantula, cave bear, dark orc, grizzly bear, quickling, wraith, slow shadow, master mimic, fomorian giant
10 fire drake, lightning vortex, hill giant, dark elven lord, berserker lord, mummy, ratling duelist, doppelganger lord, white baby dragon, ratling master thief, lesser daemon, orc butcher
11 revenant, vapor rat, ice lizard, ratling warlord, black baby dragon, black baby dragon, stone golem, thug
12 bulette, skeletal warrior, lightning lizard, greater mimic, gray slayer, acid vortex, annis hag, gorgon, red baby dragon
13 shadow troll, troll berserker, large rust monster fig, shadow lord
14 frozen one, steel zombie, stone giant, chaos servant, troll chief, shambling mound, will o'wisp, master assassin, chaos spawn, wall beast, jackal demon
15 dwarven chaos knight, chaos eye, dark elven princess, ghost lord, hydra, spectre, ogre lord, giant slug, cyclops, green blob, hill giant chieftain, iron golem
16 corruptor, berserker prince, werewolf lord, animated armor, quickling lord
17 greater mummy, troll king
18 chaos spider, ice elemental, Dorn Beast, karmic baby dragon
19 frost giant, doppelganger king, living wall, frost salamander
20 ancient minotaur, chaos knight, annihilator, ogre king, stone ooze, fire giant, vampire, water demon, lich, greater daemon, master thief
21 stone giant lord
22 shadow wyrm, greater claw bug, chaos viper
24 black dragon, white dragon, blue dragon, red dragon, water elemental, berserker king, minotaur lord, black slayer, frost giant berserker, giant rust monster
25 quickling king, karmic dragon, greater chaos servant, water grue, moloch
26 minotaur mazemaster
28 mimic hivemenid, diamond golem, frost giant jarl, minotaur mazelord, death ooze, air demon, master lich
29 minotaur mage
30 chaos mutant, greater water elemental, magedoom eye, ancient (white, blue, black, red) dragons , quickling queen, ki-rin, ogre emperor, white unicorn, black unicorn, swamp hydra
32 fire giant king, berserker emperor, ancient karmic dragon, air elemental
33 werewolf king
34 air grue
35 chaos warrior, skeletal king, titan, chaos warlord, chaos wizard
40 fire elemental, all great wyrms, fire demon, greater air elemental, lich king, greater moloch, killer bug
42 ghost king, fire grue
44 greater titan
45 earth elemental, writhing mass of primal chaos, greater fire elemental, stone grue, balor, emperor lich