Fate smiles is a luck increasing intrinsic, about twice as strong as lucky (both of them stack). It can be obtained through

  • pool sipping ("You feel very lucky" message)
  • eating karmic corpse while not being cursed or doomed, and being lucky
  • reading a scroll of luck while not being cursed and being lucky
  • wearing certain equipment — ring of the master cat, ankh, True Strength
  • sacrificing on a co-aligned altar ("You feel very close to <deity>"; message can be different if higher level of piety is reached)
  • statues:
    • barrel-chested man — gives karmic effect when stepped on (perhaps not guaranteed to grant luck)
    • obsidian cat on the chest — pray
    • silver warrior with three wings — step on
    • black cat riding unicorn — step on if lucky intrinsic is present
  • Starting character on special real-world calendar days:
    • July 2nd
    • December 24th

Fate smiles is a weaker luck modifier than doomed, overall. A character that is doomed, lucky and has fate smiles should expect some negative effects, like more frequent wilderness encounters.