School Arcane, Clerical
Type Utility
Range Self
Base cost 17
Equivalent item N/A

Farsight greatly increases the PC's vision range for a period of time after being cast. Subsequent casts while the spell is active will extend its duration.

This is a very useful spell which can help the PC in a variety of ways:

  • For PCs capable of ranged attacks, Farsight may enable them to target and attack monsters from a greater distance than would otherwise be possible.
  • For PCs capable of casting bolt spells, Farsight may enable them to see all tiles within the bolt's range. This can ensure that the PC doesn't unintentionally kill certain creatures (such as cats, dwarves or peaceful monsters) which might otherwise lurk beyond the PC's vision range and get hit by a long-range bolt.
  • Farsight reduces the area in which new monsters may appear, since monsters can only spawn on unseen tiles.
  • Farsight can help the PC to avoid dangerous monsters entirely if they prefer.
  • The benefits of Farsight also apply while navigating the wilderness. This can enable the PC to scout the Drakalor Chain for new locations (such as the random dungeons) more quickly.
  • Farsight can be particularly useful to dark elven PCs in outdoor locations during daytime, since dark elves receive a large penalty to their vision range in these circumstances.

It can be useful to cast Farsight multiple times in succession to achieve a long-lasting effect. This can be done more efficiently by equipping Willpower-boosting items while casting.


In normal indoor areas, Farsight increases the PC's line of sight radius by 1, plus an additional amount depending on Mana:

Mana LOS
3 +1
9 +2
12 +3
15 +4
21 +5
Mana LOS
24 +6
27 +7
33 +8
36 +9
39 +10
Mana LOS
45 +11
48 +12
51 +13
57 +14
60 +15
Mana LOS
63 +16
69 +17
72 +18
75 +19
81 +20
Mana LOS
84 +21
87 +22
93 +23
96 +24
99 +25

The effective duration of each cast depends on PC's Willpower (W) and spell proficiency (P). The exact formula is the following:

(W + P) * 10