First month of autumn in Ancardia.


Nobility, Hunt, Force of Personality


Very good at surviving in the wilderness, +2 to initial Willpower, +1 to initial Charisma, one free talent.

Bonus evaluation[]

Very good at surviving in the wilderness[]

Falcon star sign automatically grants Survival skill (trained to 10 points) to all characters. The skill allows to search for food on wilderness squares and increase satiation on success. While Survival can save the PC's life in a case of emergency, the low starting skill level means that it is not very reliable. Moreover, as soon as the PC reaches the Arena, food problems are generally solved completely, making Survival redundant after that point.

+2 to initial Willpower[]

The increase for Willpower is rather good, although this attribute is easily trained with herbs in versions prior to 1.2.0.

+1 to initial Charisma[]

Charisma mainly influences two things in ADOM: shop prices for male characters and the success rate of companion commands. As these two aspects are relatively minor, Charisma is considered more or less insignificant attribute by most players. Moreover, +1 increase is not much by itself.

One free talent[]

This bonus is likely the most powerful and useful for Falcon star sign. Additional talent at character creation can be used to further improve early game survival rate by pursuing PV-related line (Hardy, Tough Skin, ...) or speed-related line (Quick, Very Quick, ...). Much more important, Falcon star sign improves the chance to get 3 starting talents (or even makes it actually possible for some race/class combinations, such as Orc Fighter or Troll Bard), necessary to acquire Heir gift.


Falcon doesn't provide particularly powerful bonuses, compared to Candle or Raven, but is somewhat useful for all classes, reducing the possibility of death of starvation and giving extra flexibility with talent choices. As mentioned above, certain race/class combinations require either Falcon or Candle in order to receive Heir gift.