The essence of Chaos and Corruption is a special attribute unique to a number of artifacts in ADOM. The nature of these artifacts is so strongly connected to the forces of Chaos that they radiate corruption on their own. Prolonged contact with such artifacts can therefore significantly affect the PC.


Each carried artifact containing the essence has a 50% chance to increase the PC's corruption by 1 corruption point (adjusted by Appearance and other factors). Equipped artifacts containing the essence have an additional chance to cause corruption.

The following artifacts contain the essence of Chaos and Corruption:

It is also worth noting that the artifacts apart from the black tome, the raw steel artifacts, and the staff of wonder both curse and doom the PC, which significantly lowers their power and desirability. The shield of raw steel, however, is considered by many players a very powerful item as it provides top defensive characteristics and an enormous boost to Toughness, as well as fire immunity. It is definitely the best choice for dangerous locations such as the Tower of Eternal Flames provided the player minimizes the amount of turns spent wielding/carrying the artifact, but remains a liability in the long run.


The essence of Chaos and Corruption provides a number of other unique features to the artifacts which contain it.

Effect on potions[]

Dipping the artifact in any potion will transform it into a potion of raw chaos while the artifact itself remains completely unaffected. The applications of this effect vary — it is not possible to uncurse (technically bless) the item using holy water which limits the number of possibilities to avoid equipment problems. If the PC does not have scrolls of uncursing the situation may become very serious. On the other hand, it is possible to dip the artifact into useless potions and use the (potentially bottomless) resulting heap of potions of raw chaos for polymorphing items (see the potion page for more information about this tactic).

Effect on alignment[]

The PC will receive an alignment boost if (s)he sacrifices an artifact containing the essence. The magnitude of the effect is not substantial (especially considering the level of the PC at which (s)he will usually obtain the artifacts) but may be enough to achieve L+ alignment or turn into a fallen champion of Chaos or Balance.

Effect on monsters[]

Intelligent (humanoid) monsters in ADOM are able to pick up items and carry them around until slain by the PC. Thus, it is possible to reduce the amount of corruption received from ChAoS artifacts by allowing a monster to pick them up, luring it to required location and killing it to recover the items.