The PC may encounter one or more monsters whenever they move into a land tile in the wilderness. The probability of an encounter is increased if the PC is cursed, or substantially increased if the PC is doomed.

Possible encounters[]

The following table lists all possible encounters, along with their relative probabilities and the minimum experience level required for each encounter to occur.

  • Where known with enough statistical confidence, monster chance is given as a die roll. In other cases, it's given as the typical number of monsters of that type found.
  • Dice rolls given here are estimates at best. No guarantees are made towards accuracy.
  • Minimum level is the PC's minimum level required to encounter that monster type.
Terrain Level Encounter name Monster #1 Monster #2 Monster #3 Monster #4
All 1-6 Group of roving raiders (if relevant quest is active) Raider lord - 1 Raider - 3d4 Goblin - 1d2 Kobold - 1d2
25 Lone corruptor Corruptor - 1
Entourage of chaos knights Chaos knight - 2d2 Chaos plague bearer - 4d4 Chaos servant - 1d6+2
Group of horribly deformed beings Chaos mutant - 2d4
Dark hooded figure Chaos wizard - 1
Lone knight surrounded by an aura of hate and fear Chaos warlord - 1
Black unicorn Black unicorn - 1
Ogre army Ogre emperor - 1 Ogre lord - 3d3 Ogre magus - 2d2 Ogre - 10d6
Herd of rust monsters Giant rust monster - 1d2 Large rust monster - 2d2 Rust monster - 2d6
Quickling raiding party Quickling lord - 1d3 Quickling - 2d4
Forest 1 Huge grizzly bear Grizzly bear - 1
Wandering brown bear Brown bear - 1
Orcish patrol Orc - 3d4 Orc scorcher - 1d2+1 Orc chieftain - 1d2-1
Group of bandits Bandit - 4d3 Outlaw - 1d2
15 Giant boar Giant boar - 1
Wandering giant Fomorian giant - 1
Plains 1 Pack of wild dogs Large dog - 4d3
Large jackal pack Jackal - 8d4 Jackalwere - 1d6-4 (needs verifying)
Hobgoblin patrol Hobgoblin - 3d3 Hobgoblin leader - 1d2 Hobgoblin chief - 1d6-3
Roving barbarian group Barbarian - 4d3 Barbarian leader - 1d3
15 Horrible Dorn Beast Dorn Beast - 1
Wild air elemental Air elemental - 1
Hills 1 Pack of wolves Wolf - 4d4 Dire wolf - 1d4
Hill orc patrol Hill orc - 3d3 Hill orc sergeant - 2d2
Wandering wizard Black wizard - 1
Outlaw band Outlaw - 2d4
15 Hunting party of hill giants Hill giant - 2d3 Hill giant chieftain - 1d3-2
Party of assassins Assassin - 5d4
Swamp 1 Group of lost souls Zombie - 3d3 Ghul - 2d4 Wight - 1d3 Wraith - 1d2-1
Lone hydra Swamp hydra - 1
Horde of lizard men Lizard man - 5d3 Cave lizard - 1d3
Horde of huge frogs Giant frog - 3d3
15 Horde of plague bearers Chaos plague bearer - 4d4
Lone black dragon Black dragon - 1
Road 1 Lone necromancer Necromancer - 1
Skeleton Patrol Skeleton - 1d40+6
Pilgrimage of Chaos Monks Chaos brother - 6 Chaos sister - 6
Group of outlaws Outlaw - 2d4 Outlaw leader - 1d2
15 Party of assassins Assassin - 5d5
Gnoll war party Gnoll - 10d6 Large gnoll - 10d3 Gnoll chieftain - 1d4
Mountain 1 Lone stone giant Stone giant - 1
Gnoll warband Gnoll - 4d4 Large gnoll - 2d4 gnoll chieftain - 1d2
Cave bear Cave bear - 1
Pack of cave lions Cave lion - 2d2
15 Warband of stone giants Stone giant - 2d4 Stone giant lord - 1d3-2
Lone red dragon Red dragon - 1

Intentional dooming[]

In some cases, it can be advantageous for wilderness encounters to occur more frequently than normal. For example, some encounters may be helpful for completing the courage quest if they contain an applicable monster. A specific encounter is also relevant to one of Gaab'Baay's quests.

To that end, the player may consider dooming their PC temporarily, as this greatly increases the probability of encounters and can thereby reduce the time spent wandering in search of one.